USER STORY: Reboot Entertainment Goes Video to Mobile with Bluefish444

Bluefish444 User Story_Reboot Entertainment Goes Video to Mobile with Bluefish444

Headquartered in Culver City, California, Reboot Entertainment specializes in video database to API conversion, repurposing vintage video for mobile consumption; in particular, data basing high quality entertainment and sports content into mobile applications.

Reboot Entertainment has a large entertainment library consisting of over 20,000 video tapes ranging from Umatic to HDcam and growing. With such large quantities of material requiring digitization Reboot needed an efficient high quality ingest path. Bluefish444’s Epoch Supernova and Fluid ingeSTore software enables Reboot’s staff to digitize up to four QuickTime uncompressed or DNXHD files simultaneously and allows for basic metadata input for each clip.

With older analogue tape decks such as BetaCamSP they chose the Synapse ANA110 for its highest quality 24 bit conversion and P/Psf filtering to bridge the digital capture workflow.

Reboot chose to integrate the capture system based on an HP Z1G2 “All In One workstation” and a Magma ExpressBox 3T Thunderbolt chassis. The Bluefish444 Fluid IngeSTore application allows users to work with the Z1’s 24 point touchscreen further enhancing productivity and user experience.

The HP is connected via 10 GB (Thunderbolt2) to ProMax Platform series Network Attached Storage which stores the ingest and shares files with editorial, transcode, archival and meta- tagging workstations.

Reboot investigated other products before investing in Bluefish444 Converters, SDI I/O solutions, and software but none fulfilled all the requirements so efficiently. Since acquiring the complete Bluefish444 workflow, Reboot Entertainment has used it 18 hours per day with next to no down time.


“Bluefish444’s hardware and software has integrated seamlessly into our workflow, allowing multiple decks to operate in unison. Not only is the final product of the highest quality, but also we have multiplied our output by four and saved on storage operating 18 hours a day.”

“The analog to SDI conversion is flawless. The Bluefish444 product specialists and support staff are a pleasure to work with, both informative and insightful. Our impression of the product is simple amazement. It’s cost effective, flawless, and has exceeded all our expectations.”

As Reboot Entertainment moves forward;

“We look to expand our database capabilities, adding more systems and more decks. We are expanding our workflow to cover archival DV Cam and Umatic tapes. The Bluefish444 Synapse converter allows us to source older decks and bridge analog to digital at an affordable price point. We plan to expand our relationship with Bluefish as we move forward.”
Walter Procek, President, Reboot Entertainment

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