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Polar has proven to be a successful distribution company offering strong relationships with both manufacturers and dealers/end users alike and also offering a high level of technical support.

Polar have a policy of selling their product range through a dealer network where ever possible. This gives dealers the confidence that they can work closely with Polar, feeling confident that Polar will not try to take customers from them. Meanwhile, Polar have always been happy to talk to end-users direct in order to maintain the highest level of technical service to their dealers and their dealers customers.

Click below on the manufacturers we represent for more info on the product range;

Apantac_Leading Designer & Developer of High Quality, Cost Effective Image Signal Processing Equipment

Apantac LLC is a leading designer and developer of high quality, cost effective image signal processing equipment.

Their products provide flexible and innovative solutions for image processing, signal extension and processing.

StorageDNA_Archive Solutions / Data Management Tools

Index, manage, move and protect your media / data.

StorageDNA provides users with a toolset that enables them to consolidate numerous data management tools into a single, globally managed, secure solution.

Bluefish444_Highest Quality Uncompressed HD-4K SDI Video Cards

Bluefish444 is the manufacturer of the industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K SDI, ASI, Video Over IP & HDMI I/O cards for the Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

Bluefish444 are the go to cards for many professionals.

MagStor_Thunderbolt 3 LTO Tape Drives / Solutions

MagStor offer storage / archive solutions using LTO tape.

Both Mac and PC compatible MagStor desktop tape drives supports the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) and helps to protect your valuable data / content assets.

Nagasoft Corporation
is a leading, live broadcasting hardware and software
company, based in mainland China.

Their NSCaster X1 and X1A  are highly affordable all in one streaming production studios.