Since 2004, StorageDNA have been helping film, video and broadcast professionals work more efficiently and save costs. Advanced technologies and a commitment to innovation are the backbone of StorageDNA. Their mission is to engage with their community of customers, resellers and partners, evolve their product offerings, and provide solutions for an unparalleled value.
Many companies today are combating massive data growth with an unmanaged set of data management software tools and a growing variety of storage options (removable drives, NAS, SAN, Object, Tape and Cloud).
StorageDNA's vision is to provide users with a toolset that enables them to consolidate numerous data management tools (copy, quarantine, indexing, search, analytics, backup, DR, archive) into a single, globally managed, secure solution.
StorageDNA are an open platform that integrates to any disk, tape, cloud or WAN infrastructure

StorageDNA: DNAevolution

DNAevolution from StorageDNA is a scalable, high performance tape automation platform. It provides a way to manage large scale backup and archiving to tape. It also features “media workflow smarts” to utilize tape more efficiently.


StorageDNA_DNAevolution Large Scale Backup & Archive


DNAevolution is the solution to turn to when you have Petabytes of storage over millions of files. It features an incremental scanning engine that can watch over millions of files. A new data mover uses RAM caching and multi-threading to maximize performance.

StorageDNA: DNAfabric

DNAfabric Disk, WAN, Cloud is a simple to deploy data management services platform that enables you to more effectively manage data across a multitude of storage tiers powered by smart analytics and visualisation.


StorageDNA_DNAfabric Scalable Data Management Platform


Innovative technology purpose-built for professional media environments offering the user:

Data Mobility
A scalable and clustered architecture allows data to be seamless synced across disk, wan and cloud. A centralised controller provides overall management while scalable data movers and indexers powers data management functions.


Data Visibility
DNAfabric’s data Visibility services is a data visualisation toolset designed for C-level executives and heads of departments, enabling real time tracking of data for improved provisioning, utilisation, spending and protection.

StorageDNA: Storage Decision Tool

Looking for new or to upgrade your storage? With so many choices on the market today it can be incredibly difficult to know what to opt for. What will best suite your needs / requirements? StorageDNA can take some of the pain out of the decision process, take a peek at their FREE 'Storage Decision Tool'....


This free on-premise and cloud storage cost calculator from StorageDNA provides a quick and informative way to start your search for the right storage option for your environment. Simply select the storage options for comparison, then provide the amount of storage, expected access (needed for cloud storage) and the storage pricing calculator will provide an informative comparison across several key attributes.


Click below to be taken directly to the Storage Decision Tool website.