The NScaster X1 is a feature packed highly integrated, video switcher, broadcast touchpad with a built-in
11.6-inch full-HD touch screen, which is unique amongst similar video switching and streaming devices.
The exquisite design allows multi-channel switching, recording, broadcasting, streaming, graphics, subtitling, monitoring, and a built-in 4G module to meet a variety of live requirements. This small, portable tablet, at only 1kg net weight supports the live events and streaming media industry with easy to use but powerful functionality.


To put it simply it's...
"A Highly Affordable All in One Streaming Production Studio"
With an Awesome Feature Set



Available are two models, the NSCaster X1 and the NSCaster X1A.
The NSCaster X1A unit has all the functionality of the NSCaster X1 but with the addition of an extra two 4G antennae and SIM card slot for a total of 3 x 4G connections. Bonding of these connections is supported allowing super fast data transfer via 4G cellular networks.

Built in Wifi

Big Screen


Built in Recording

Built in 4G

Internal SSD




The NSCaster X1 is lightweight and easily transported in its tough and durable, aluminium alloy case,
with carry handle.


With 2x SDI and 2x HDMI inputs as well as a network input and DDR channel for local sources, the NSCaster X1 is an incredibly versatile unit and is equipped with an SDI and HDMI program output as well as an HDMI monitor output.
For convenience there is a built in SSD for storage and should you prefer to export your media there is a USB port on the back for connecting external storage.
This unit may be small but it packs a punch and is perfect for the smaller productions and events (sports, worship etc) streaming.


The NSCaster features a professional and simple to use UI.
Its 11.6" touch screen is super responsive, with no delays when switching inputs making live streaming more professional and easier to operate.


Need various channel inputs? Not a problem with the NSCaster X1, it supports 6 channels of input including;
IP camera, SDI, HDMI, NET, DDR local material to name just a few.
This unit can support a professional event with ease.


Audio-wise the NSCaster X1 is equipped with two professional TRS/XLR inputs and outputs for excellent audio quality as well as an internal audio mixer and multiple audio channel effects which provide a professional finish to the audio capabilities of the device.

With a built in audio mixer it can support multiple channel mixing effects, allowing you to control the input and total output volume on the spot and with ease.


The layout of the broadcast screen on the NSCaster offers the user the 'Picture-in-Picture' special effect so that you can quickly switch the content and include a sub-picture for the live stream, enabling the user to be more creative.


Built into the NSCaster X1 are various scoreboard templates which makes it possible to display the scores of live matches in real time. Making it the perfect choice for various sports events such as basketball, football, table tennis, badminton or volleyball to name a few.



NSCaster X1's CG panel allows the user to publish pictures directly to the PGM monitor interface.
Choose from its library of built-in pictures or make it truly bespoke by uploading your own png/jpg format picture. Positioning of the picture(s) is fully adjustable and one single channel is able to support up to 12 pictures.


Corporate Events/Conferences

Good communication is important for companies to be able to manage issues and make decisions and when distance is involved, video conferencing has become an important means to communicate efficiently and get the message across, minimising disruption and travel expenses, and boosting creativity and collaboration.

At the same time, video presentations and conferencing have become more common and are important for employee and / or customer training, product showcases, support and more.


Live Sports streaming has seen unprecedented growth during the last decade, with more and more people enjoying their favourite sports away from the comfort of their own living room. Many people now are streaming sports directly to one of their mobile devices, whether this be their mobile phone, tablet or laptop etc, wherever they may be and even whilst on the go / commuting.

The NSCaster-X1 provides all the tools to make an exciting sport event presentation. Scoreboard functions, logo and CG effects, titles, audio mixing and processing, as well as PTZ camera control, makes the NSCaster-X1 a powerful sports presentation toolkit.


Over the last couple of decades the gaming industry has gone from strength to strength. It is becoming more and more about the gaming experience and with leaps in graphical and technological advances more people than ever are drawn into computer games hence, there is more demand by gamers for related content and also the ability to host their own gaming presentations and shows.

The NCaster-X1 is the perfect device for such presentations with its variety of professional inputs for video and sound, DDR source input, CG effects, transitions and titles, which can help make an exciting and interactive presentation.


The best education depends a lot on resources and what educational facilities have that can make classes richer in content, more interactive, interesting and involving. Video presentations and interactive classes make learning more fun and enables distance learning.

Nagasoft enables teachers and educational staff to import videos and pictures in their presentations making them more exciting and captivating. The streaming capabilities of this product allow students who can’t physically be present to attend their classes.


Live streaming of new product presentations is becoming one of the norms in today’s e-commerce, with companies leveraging the power of new technologies to entice customers through their live-commerce presentations. Live presentations are more dynamic, exciting and engaging.

The NSCaster-X1 with its variety of camera inputs offers the capability to present a product from all different angles, as if customers were in a shop checking the product for themselves whilst presenters can clarify their brand image and contextualise their product with added CG, media, pictures and effects.

Live Worship

For those who may not be able to physically attend their place of worship or those restricted by travelling, live worship services allow people to still feel connected and part of their congregation, sometimes through the toughest of times. Live worship is also enabling religious organisations reach a wider audience and with some places perhaps with limited space more of the community, near and far can now be included. It's the next best thing to physically being present.

The NCaster-X1 can help people to access religious services and stay in touch with their religious community with just a click on their computers, tablets or mobile phones.