"A Highly Affordable All in One Streaming Production Studio"
With an Awesome Feature Set
NSCaster X1 is a highly integrated navigation tablet with a built-in 11.6-inch full HD touchscreen monitor. The exquisite design allows multi-channel switching, recording, broadcasting, audio mixer, special effects, and monitoring. It also has built-in Ethernet, WIFI, and 4G modules to meet the needs of webcasts for different occasions.

Lightweight Director Design:
It is a direct broadcast tablet, representing the cutting edge for new media. The device is highly integrated and cost-effective to meet the needs of many applications.


6 Video Input Channels

NSCaster X1 supports 6 channels of input, including IP camera, SDI, HDMI, NET, DDR local material and other signals,
to support a professional live event with no hassle..

Zero Delay Switching:
Unit has a 11.6-inch touchscreen and can be switched to the PGM by clicking on any of
the video channels (SDI-1/2, HDMI-1/2, NET, DDR). Multi-channel signal switching at random and one-touch to start broadcast.


Professional Interface:
Features a professional and simple UI design that makes live streaming quick and easy to operate.


Picture in Picture:
Select the layout mode of the broadcast screen by the picture-in-picture special effect, the unit quickly switches the content of the main screen and the sub-picture.


Scoreboard Function:
There are a large number of scoreboard templates built in, which can display the scores of current live matches in real time. It can meet the real-time scores of various sports events such as basketball, football, table tennis, badminton and volleyball.


Professional Audio Input:
Unit has XLR and TRS mixing port, and both XLR and TRS can be used, for professional environments.


Audio Mixer:
Built-in audio mixer which supports multiple channel mixing effects, allowing you to control the input and output volume. Also Fill R or Fill L for mono sources


Character Generation Overlay:
The CG panel can publish pictures to the PGM monitor interface. It has a large number of picture materials built-in and supports the importing of external png/jpg format pictures. It can move the picture position and supports up to 12 pictures.


Unit can record 6 channels (SDI-1/2, HDMI-1/2, NET/PGM channel recording) and supports recording power-off protection.


Multi-Platform Live Streaming:
Built-in live streaming to multiple live platforms (Facebook, YouTube, RTMP, Mudu, AndLive, etc.), stream to multiple live platforms with just one click. SRT support


Network Support:
Built-in ethernet, WiFi, and 4G modules (Netcom) to meet the network needs of different live broadcasts, making live broadcasts simple.


Live+ Connection:
With the Naga NDDIP protocol, front-end devices such as smartphones and encoders do not need to be wired. Simply scan the QR code on the screen or enter the 6-digit director code to instantly connect to the unit, making the live stream easier and faster.


Input Channel Customization:
The powerful video access capability lets it support channel customization, allowing the selection of various video source inputs such as physical input, IP camera input and network streaming to meet many live broadcast requirements.

PTZ Control:
Supports PTZ Camera operation such as zoom, focus, aperture, up, down, left, right, top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right movement. It also supports drag and drop arbitrary position, and quickly locates the target. Can control up to 4 PTZ Camera’s.