Bluefish444 Introduces Fluid ingeSTore & Fluid ingeSTore DNxHD for Fast Ingest


Ingest and Store Multiple Simultaneous SDI Streams, Recording Directly to Uncompressed and/or AVID Compatible DNxHD Media Files


Bluefish444, manufacturer of the industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards, introduces Fluid INGESTORE & DNxHD INGESTORE for multi-channel HD/SD SDI fast ingest for use with Epoch and Create video cards running on Windows. Fluid INGESTORE & DNxHD INGESTORE are available immediately.

Utilising only an SDI video cable INGESTORE enables workstation computers to capture uncompressed and AVID compatible DNxHD media with minimum operator intervention. Using the embedded time-code data in SDI, Fluid INGESTORE can automatically trigger the start and stop of captures at pre-defined segments, or by using auto-record mode generate new media files for each new take based on time-code interruptions.


Fluid INGESTORE harnesses the power of all Bluefish444 video cards. Using the flagship Epoch | 4K Supernova and its 4 HD/SD SDI connections will enable INGESTORE systems to simultaneously capture:

  • Four channels of independent format and frequency HD/SD SDI video
  • Uncompressed 4:2:2 video formats
  • AVID compliant OP-ATOM DNxHD media files.


Fluid ingeSTore Uncompressed

Fluid INGESTORE users can capture multiple simultaneous streams of HD/SD SDI into uncompressed 4:2:2 8/10 bit files. Uncompressed QuickTime and AVI files can be used for archive, edit, encoding or analysis. Key Features:

  • 3 recording modes: auto record, in/out point record, crash record.
  • Intelligent clip generation on time code breaks
  • In/Out capture based on time code (no RS422 required)
  • Simultaneous recording and NLE operation via Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer
  • Independent video modes and frequencies per channel
  • Uncompressed 4:2:2 8/10 bit QuickTime and AVI formats Real-time live desktop preview of all available inputs
  • Meta-data support
  • Online/Offline clip bin
  • Upgrade to Fluid DNxHD INGESTORE anytime.


Fluid DNxHD ingeSTore

Fluid DNxHD INGESTORE builds on the advanced features of Fluid INGESTORE and enables users to capture AVID compatible DNxHD files in addition to uncompressed video.

Users can capture multiple streams of HD/SD SDI into AVID compliant OP-ATOM DNxHD media files as well as uncompressed 4:2:2 8/10 bit video files.


Key Features:

  • Same as Fluid INGESTORE
  • AVID Compatible MXF Media:-  - DNxHD 1080i 145 - DNxHD 1080i 220 - DNxHD 1080p 120 - DNxHD 1080p 185 - DNxHD 720p 145 - DNxHD 720p 220 - DNxHD 720p 36

New codecs available in future software upgrades.

Fluid INGESTORE and DNxHD INGESTORE enables fast ingest by consolidating their SDI input requirements and effectively quartering the time necessary to ingest when using the simultaneous multiple SDI inputs of Bluefish444video cards. Minimalist set up and operator input time enable vastly improved efficiency. Either uncompressed SDI or AVID compatible can be written in real time and made available to editors or encoders immediately.


“The Fluid INGESTORE application has been received extremely well by early adopters and our installed customers”

 “The flexibility and multi-channel ingest of INGESTORE is what makes it so attractive, having equal application in Broadcast centres, Post Production facilities, Live Production, and Multi-camera environments.”
Tom Lithgow, Product Specialist Bluefish444


Fluid INGESTORE for uncompressed workflows is freely available from the Bluefish444 homepage at Fluid DNxHD INGESTORE has a license value of $100 per channel and can be upgraded via Bluefish444 worldwide channel partners or via applying for a license at





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