Bluefish444 Introduces Synapse Range of Mini Converters

3 Models of Mini Converters Immediately Available


Bluefish444, manufacturer of the industry’s highest quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards, today introduced and announced the immediate availability of the Synapse range of mini converters.Synapse converters are controlled by easily accessible dip switches on the side of each converter.

By choosing a setting it is possible to convert in real time between a range of industry formats such as 3G HD SDI, HDMI 1.3, Component, S-video, Composite, SDI Embedded Audio, Stereo Unbalanced Audio and AES/EBU digital audio. Synapse mini converters have been designed with an extra input connector to provide a fail safe redundancy channel in the event the incoming signal is lost.

Bluefish444 designed this feature in mind considering the prominence of live SDI production workflows within its SDI video card customer base.All Synapse mini converters have a built in down converter, enabling down scaling options for the multiple outputs. An interlacing feature is available to process progressive frames to PSF frames on all models.


Bluefish444 Offers 3 Models of Mini Converters:

  • ANA140: Analog to HD/SD SDI Converter
  • HDMI 120: HDMI to HD/SD SDI Converter
  • SDI 110: HD/SD SDI to HDMI Converter


“Bluefish444 has built a reputation based on a no compromise engineering attitude to achieve the industry’s highest quality uncompressed SDI video cards. We have applied the same philosophy to the design of our Synapse range of mini converters,”

“Our SDI video card customers can now rely on the quality and stability of Synapse converters in their uncompressed SDI workflow.”
Craige Mott, Managing Director, Bluefish444



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