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StorageDNA have earnt their place in the industry as a much admired storage / archive solution using LTO LTFS and quite rightly so. Over the next year we expect you to be seeing them going from strength to strength as the release of new technology is announced (as seen at NAB 2018).

The hot topics on the stand this year were; HYPERTAPE, archiving to Disk & Cloud and Multi-Gen support within a single LTO library.

"LTO tape is no longer just an archive medium, it is now a solution for an active workflow"

If you missed out on visiting the stand you missed out on some very exciting new technology.


"LTO is not just for sitting on the shelf”

HyperTape, launched officially for the first time in the UK in February at BVE 2018 amongst a lot of excitement for this brand new technology. At NAB 2018 this excitement continued and every visitor to the stand was eager for a demo.

Set to change the way LTO tape is used, HyperTape could change your workflow.

We’ve all heard it before, LTO LTFS can be written to directly, it can be your hard drive etc etc etc. It was envisaged that LTO LTFS would be an easy to use tape format allowing you direct access to files on LTO. If however you’ve had first-hand experience connecting an LTO tape to a pc/laptop and tried accessing the files, you know it wasn’t easy or as accessible as everyone had first imagined.

StorageDNA have revolutionised the way to use LTO LTFS tape and created software which has ‘taken’ tape to be a must use storage medium, in conjunction with disk storage as part of your total storage strategy.

StorageDNA have delivered on software that really works!

HyperTape can now be your hard drive, access files with no need for a restore first. It is your direct access as well as your storage / archive;

  • Read / write directly to tape at speeds of 300MB/s (LTO 8)
  • Transcode / Ingest / Subclip using your favourite application directly from tape

“Active Storage at Your Finger Tips”

More on HyperTape HERE


DNAevolution is the backbone of the StorageDNA product range and is going from strength to strength. It is fully laden with features and functionality to offer a reliable archive solution.

The system is scalable, from a single drive solution to large libraries.  With its ability to catalogue media using custom tags and easy to search functionality, no wonder there are over 700 deployments and is used and relied upon by some of the biggest names, production companies and post houses, in the world. 

NAB 2018 saw more functionality added to DNAevolution by introducing...Disk & Cloud archive. 

Introducing Disk & Cloud

We were offered a glimpse into the latest integration with disk and cloud of DNAevolution at NAB 2018. Set to be released later this year it was a real teaser of what’s in store and were people excited?..absolutely YES!


“Something BIG is Coming”


For those of you that favour the cloud or disk for your archive / storage solutions or simply like the cloud as a disaster recovery on top of your LTO, DNAevolution can be your ‘Master Source’. Archive your media to Tape, Disk or Cloud through one piece of software.

Using the same simple user interface which users ‘love’ like tape, disk and cloud are just target destinations in the interface, with the full folder structure being shown. 

Multi-Gen with DNAevolution

Need to move your media / data across to a newer or the latest version LTO Tape? StorageDNA with DNAevolution can handle this with ease;

Manage multiple generations of LTO drives (5/6/7/8) in the same library and partition. Tape to tape migrations are now possible without the need for a disk restore.


More on Multi-Gen HERE

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