hyperTAPE_By StorageDNA_Randomly Accessible LTO Tape

HYPERTAPE with myLTOdna as the front end

"Breaking The Tape Barrier"

Based on dnaLTFS technology: The NEW Randomly Accessible Tape Storage Media
From StorageDNA

hyperTAPE_By StorageDNA_Drive Mounted on Desktop Graphic

Once your LTO Drive / LTO Tape is connected, with HYPERTAPE software it appears on your desktop, just like a regular drive
(compatible from LTO-7 and LTO-8)

"LTO tape is no longer just an archive medium, it is now a solution for an active workflow"

StorageDNA have revolutionised the way to use LTO LTFS tape and created software which has ‘taken’ tape to be a must use storage medium, in conjunction with disk storage as part of your total storage strategy.


HYPERTAPE can be your hard drive;
Access files with no need for a restore first
Gain direct access whilst creating your storage / archive


hyperTAPE software works in conjunction with myLTOdna (an application from Imagine Products)
Mount LTO Tapes (from LTO-7 / LTO-8) into Write / Read / Train mode with ease


Write / Read to and from tape at 300MB/s


StorageDNA_myLTOdna_Write Mode

Drag and drop your files / media directly to LTO Tape, through Finder

Use myLTOdna to write to LTO Tape for verification and checksums

Write to LTO Tape directly, through your favourite application

Create a catalogue using your favourite MAM


hyperTAPE software has been designed to STOP tapes going into         an irrecoverable seek when trying to restore media from LTO Tape

 hyperTAPE allows 'Random Access' behaviour from LTO Tape

Use myLTOdna to restore your file(s) / media to a location of your         choice, directly from LTO Tape


 In training mode, hyperTAPE software pre-reads headers / footers /       first frames to create a RAD (Random Access Data) file, with access       instructions for media files on the LTO Tape

Works with PrimeTranscoder (also from Imagine Products)

Will read all major file formats MXF's / MOV's / Reds etc

Transcode directly from LTO Tape

Ingest / Sub-Clip directly from LTO Tape through your favourite         application