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Apantac Showcases New Modular Multiviewer with Router Outputs
at IBC 2018

Apantac, internationally recognized manufacturer and pioneer of cost-effective yet feature-rich multiviewers, video walls, extension and signal processing solutions demo'd their new TX # (pronounced TX Sharp) Multiviewer with Router Outputs at IBC 2018.

Apantac_TX# Multiviewer with 64x64 Router Outputs

Addressing a key demand of the market to have more multiviewer heads or outputs in a single piece of hardware, the TX# brings to the market a truly modular approach offering flexibility as well as a high-quality visualization and monitoring solution for broadcast master control playout, command centres and other similar operation and situation centres.

The TX # offers a high number of multiviewer outputs with the added benefit of routing switching capabilities in order to route all inputs to all outputs – all in a single piece of hardware. The architecture supports 64 inputs and 64 outputs, including 16 fully featured multiviewer outputs and a modular approach to choosing input formats. It comes standard with 3G/HD/SD-SDI, composite inputs and 3G/HD-SDI outputs. The modular approach allows the user to install different rear input modules with HDMI, ST-2022-6/ST-2110 (video over IP) and SDI over fiber inputs. 12G and HDMI 2.0 options will be available soon.

A key feature addressing the market demand is the ability to send any video source / input to any of the sixteen multiviewer outputs. In addition, any video input can be sent to any router output that isn’t already assigned to a multiviewer output.
Addressing many customer requests for variable window sizes on outputs, the TX# supports up to 6 different window sizes on each output. Plus, each window size is configurable to user requirements.

In addition, all input and output modules can easily be added for increasing the number or I/Os and swapped between different chassis. Users can populate the hardware chassis the way they want to, depending on their application.

As with all TAHOMA Multiviewers, the TX # Series is fully featured, offering full audio support, dynamic UMD and tallies, advanced on-screen display of borders, tally, clock, logos, as well as Ethernet connection for full configuration and external control.

About Apantac LLC
Apantac LLC is a leading designer and developer of high quality and cost effective multiviewers, video walls, matrices, extenders, openGear solutions and signal processing equipment. The Apantac product line has been specifically designed to provide users with flexible and innovative technology solutions for the broadcast and ProAV industries.

Contact for Apantac:    |    +1 503 968 3000    |

About Polar Graphics:
Having been distributors / representatives for the broadcast, post and video industries for over 25yrs Polar Graphics are experts in their field.

Known as the Polar Bears they work closely with their suppliers, partners and resellers to ensure they provide the very best products and services to an ever changing and growing industry, placing them at the forefront of their field.

Polar Graphics act as the UK distributors for Apantac.


Contact the Polar team now for more information on Apantac:    |    +44 (0)20 8868 2479    |

Apantac_High Quality, Cost Effective Image Signal Processing Equipment

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