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Bluefish444 are the industry's highest quality uncompressed 4K / 2K / HD / SD SDI video and video over IP cards for Windows, Mac and  Linux systems. They pride themselves on attention to detail, reliability and delivering quality. With over 21,000 customers worldwide and cards deployed in every continent around the World, it's no wonder the Bluefish444 stand is always one to visit at IBC.

At IBC 2018 Bluefish444 showed a wide range of technical demonstrations including; KRONOS video I/O, ingeSTore Server 3G multi-channel capture, plus the latest in their upcoming software and hardware developments and integrations. For more information on some of what was on display see below...

IBC TV 2018_Interview

Craige Mott, MD of Bluefish444 joined our chief Polar Bear (Peter Rowsell) on IBC TV
Watch the full interview HERE

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Bluefish444 Kronos Range

Bluefish444 were demo'ing the upcoming KRONOS Optikos video card at IBC 2018;


Outputting SDI from Adobe Premiere Pro CC, with a simultaneous SMPTE 2110 uncompressed IP stream via 10Gb Ethernet to a second KRONOS integrated broadcast graphics system, running ClassX LiveBoard.


In what would be a typical workflow used during live events and broadcast, this workflow allows for channel branding, statistics, or other graphic overlays to be applied to live a video feed.

At IBC 2018 Bluefish444 showed media from the IngeSTore server 3G recorded to the SNS (Studio Network Solutions) Network Shared Storage, which could then be accessed by Adobe Premiere Pro, whilst recording continued for a live Edit-While-Record workflow. Made possible via the growing files support of Bluefish444 IngeSTore software and Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Quality Assurance with Marquise Technologies

Bluefish444 have worked with Marquise Technologies for more than a decade, and have proven support for MIST and ICE software.

At IBC 2018 Bluefish444 demonstrated an advanced 4K HDR quality control workflow with ICE, utilising KRONOS SDI output.

ICE is the most advanced reference player for DCP, IMF and many other formats, with video and audio monitoring soon to be available via Bluefish444 KRONOS hardware.


With integration to Phabrix signal analysis and monitoring hardware, also featured at IBC 2018 was a SMPTE 2022/2110 analysis demonstation with the Phabrix Qx system.

Post IBC 2018 News_Bluefish444_Kronos Optikos

Video Streaming with ingeSTream

With full support for NewTek’s NDI® protocol, RTP streaming and other network video protocols like SMPTE 2022/2110, Bluefish444 demo'd the forthcoming ingeSTream multi-channel streaming software.

IngeSTream captures up to 8 channels of SMPTE 2022/2110, SDI, and/or HDMI video and audio from Bluefish444 Epoch and KRONOS hardware, and converts them to IP streams such as NDI, SMPTE 2022-6, SMPTE 2110 or RTP/RTSP.

Bluefish444_ingeSTream Live Video_Newtek NDI_IBC 2018

Bluefish444 demonstrated ingeSTream streaming live video as an NDI signal to a NewTek TriCaster® Mini.

Post IBC 2018 News_Bluefish444_IngeSTore

Remote ingeSTore Capture

Bluefish444 have been working very closely with industry partners on remote control functionality for its ingeSTore software and, for the first time in Europe Bluefish444 demonstrated this greatly anticipated feature at IBC Show 2018.

We were shown how the ingeSTore Server 3G can be controlled from another system via the RESTful API, allowing customers and 3rd parties to easily customise ingeSTore and its user interface to integrate within their existing ecosystem.








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