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"Breaking The Tape Barrier"


Based on dnaLTFS technology: The NEW Randomly Accessible Tape Storage Media
From StorageDNA


With dnaLTFS
using LTO-8:
Get speeds of
300MB/Sec & 12TB
of raw capacity storage


Accessing and moving
data becomes
'As easy as 1, 2, 3'


Improves LTFS by
enabling direct file
access with
applications you use


100% open LTFS
compliant tape
format for easy

NOW Tape Can Do The Following...

Works With Finder

Tape appears as a volume - drag files on & off tape at 300 MB/s using OS level tools

Makes Parking Easier

Consolidate or Archive direct to tape using native Avid, Adobe, FCP or Resolve tools

Powers 4K Workflows

Enables lo-res/hi-res workflows whereby apps can relink & conform 4K files direct from LTO

Eliminates Plugins

Catalog clips on tape using your favorite MAM. Just drag them in - No special setups OR plugins needed!

Direct Link & Ingest

Allows operations like ingesting dailies direct from tape using favorite transcode apps

Partial Restore & More!

Sub-clip or transcode direct from LTO without lengthy restores or long delays

What is dnaLTFS?

Finder Workflows

Click HERE for more 'advanced workflow' videos using HYPERTAPE







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