StorageDNA Release DNA Evolution Version 4.0

StorageDNA Release DNA Evolution Version 4.0

New Features for DNA Evolution will be Shown at BVE 2015


StorageDNA will also show their LTO Archive products and DNA Evolution Version 4.0.

Since 2004, Storage DNA have been helping film, video and broadcast professionals master their digital workflow to enable them to work more efficiently and save costs.


New in DNA Evolution Version 4.0

Help customers control Avid® and Adobe® storage growth in one-click! - Simplified Avid and Adobe project archiving, with support for native media, AMA linked media, graphics and all other project elements

Help customers ease the pain of managing a low-res to high-res workflow and realize significant storage savings - Work in low-res, master in high-res with an automated low-res to high-res LTO pipeline managed by DNA Evolution.

Provide customers the only Avid Interplay archive solution that supports both partial restore and conform from LTO

Provide enterprise support tools to maximize system uptime and efficiency


DNA Evolution, StorageDNA’s intelligent workflow solution built on Linear Tape Open (LTO) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technologies, allows you to streamline your file-based workflow, work more efficiently, and save significant storage costs. The innovative workflow solutions allow you to easily archive, find, restore, and directly access digital assets at incredible speeds.

StorageDNA’s solutions power some of the most complex and critical workflows for a wide range of customers from major film studios and television production companies to sports organizations, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.



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