Plan Your Visit to IBC 2018 / What to See at IBC 2018

Plan Your Visit to IBC 2018 / What To See at IBC 2018

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There has been many discussions since last year's IBC show, with some stating the show is too long and most recently we have seen suggestions that the show should be moved from Amsterdam, Amsterdam which has been it's home since 1992 and which the industry has descended upon, annually from 1994.

We're sure the discussions / debate will continue throughout IBC show this year and most likely after. You can't please everyone and one thing that suits one will most certainly not suit another so, it will be interesting to observe what will happen in future shows but for now...

the Polar Bears for one, look forward to IBC every year and we will be attending as usual to support our suppliers and friends in the industry. We've built up a great team, each bringing their own expertise to the table and have arranged their time at the show so that we get the best out of it and make it the best IBC show yet.
We look forward to meeting up with old faces as well as meeting new.


On one final note, we also very much love visiting Amsterdam, where else is it acceptable to consume Waffles with lashings of cream and chocolate sauce for breakfast!

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If like us you are planning your visit to IBC 2018, we may be able to make it just a little bit easier for you, see below for information such as IBC 2018 opening times, links to seminars and show floor plans. 


We've obviously, also included news from our suppliers who will be exhibiting at this year's IBC show
With European debuts and new releases to name a few, these are stands you really can't miss out on!

The Venue / Getting Around

RAI Amsterdam
Europaplein, NL 1078 GZ

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Amsterdam has an impressive public transport system. Staying in the centre of Amsterdam we usually opt for the Tram. With a pass that sees us right the way through the IBC Show we easily hop on and off and rather useful in the evenings too. It may be worth noting, last year you were not allowed on with drinks or food so, ensure your morning coffee and waffle are consumed prior to travel.

You will also find the train system easy to use, a choice of taxi's (be careful of taxi drivers coming straight up to you at the airport, they can usually cost the earth, use the designated Taxi rank or any taxi app you may have) and for those of us who may be feeling more energetic you can hire a bicycle. Can always revert back to good old walking too.


For information on travel to Amsterdam, accomodation, venue and more visit the IBC 2018 website HERE for everything you might need

IBC 2018 Opening Times

Friday 14th September:  10.30am - 18.00pm

Saturday 15th September: 9.30am - 18.00pm

Sunday 16th September: 9.30am - 18.00pm

Monday 17th September: 9.30am - 18.00pm

Tuesday 18th September: 9.30am - 16.00pm

More Info and Links to Plan Your IBC 2018 Trip

Info & register for your IBC 2018 pass

Click HERE
for a full list of

Use the IBC 2018
to plan your day

With so much to see and do visit the IBC 2018 website for further info

Click HERE to read the latest from all our suppliers at IBC 2018


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