LTO-7 as Extended Nearline Storage with StorageDNA is Faster and Smarter


DNAevolution and LTO-7 Go Beyond Archive

The Current Way

Add more Storage

Becomes Expensive and Disruptive


 The NEW Way

Offload to LTO-7

Restore Faster then Ever


Is your current solution helping you maintain an open archive?

LTFS - DNAevolution liberates your data.


LTO-7  vs  LTO-6

2x  The Bandwidth

3x  More Capacity




Performance  -  300 MB/s

Capacity  -  6.0 TB


Top 5 Reasons to use DNAevolution


  1. Allows you to Build an Open Archive
    LTO-7 enables huge amounts of data to be stored faster than ever in an open solution, not putting your data at risk of being inaccessible from a proprietary format. DNAevolution continues to support LTFS with LTO-7 ensuring your data is 100% open.

  2. Maximizes Performance via SAN Optimization
    For pipelines that need to accelerate data offloads to post production SANs in order to meet deadlines. DNAevolution employs multiple techniques to maximize the raw bandwidth per drive that LTO-7 provides.

  3. Simplifies Avid and Adobe Data Offloads
    Designed for any customer that wants control over their Post Production storage environment with the flexibility to offload Avid or Adobe elements.

  4. Creates a “Golden Copy” of your Content
    Designed for the user that is experiencing ever-increasing amounts of content and needs a reliable but easy way to protect it. Users want to create a verified or “golden copy” of data with a guarantee that the original copy can be deleted.

  5. Empowers Proxy Workflows
    Designed for any customer that has a hi-shoot ratio, is in the process of adopting 4K, or needs to keep more content online for re-purposing and monetization.

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