Have You Considered Tape Storage? StorageDNA & LTO7 Can Change The Way You Archive


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What is your Archive? We have a Solution with StorageDNA


This month StorageDNA officially launch LTO-7 as the solution for extended nearline storage. If you're looking to add disk-based storage, StorageDNA have the best long-term, cost effective solution using LTO-7 technology.

Their solution is faster and it's smarter.




LTO-7 speeds up to 300 MB/Sec




Avid and Adobe SAN Management

Auto Verify Camera Masters

Hi Res Conforms



LTO-7 increases bandwidth and density with a single tape able to hold up to 6TB of raw data and becomes an active nearline not just an archive.


TC, CEO, StorageDNA talks here how LTO7 changes everything with DNAevolution:


StorageDNA vs HSM

The architecture of an HSM is gradually becoming too slow to keep up with LTO with LTO-7’s direct transfer engine acceleration is achieved with phenomenal bandwidth.


TC, CEO, StorageDNA explains here how DNAevolution can benefit your professional media workflows beyond archive and better than traditional HSM solutions:


BIN Project Offload

Intelligently move your content from online to LTO-7. StorageDNA have built in a host of tools to assist customers with this workflow.

Once on LTO-7 you can bring your content back intelligently whether it be the whole BIN or part of a clip.


Discover how DNAevolution fits into professional media workflows by offering unique features that enable highly granular copying of content based on sophisticated tools that specifically match today's post production requirements in this video of TC, CEO, StorageDNA:




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