USER STORY: Devtek Help Turksat go Live with Bluefish444 4K 50P

Bluefish444 User Story_Devtek Help Turksat go Live with Bluefish444 4K 50P

First European Satellite Transmission of 4K 50P using Bluefish444 Cards

Bluefish444, manufacturer of the industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards supplied their Epoch Supernova cards for the first European Satellite transmission of 4K 50P at Turksat in Turkey.

Turksat is an innovative broadcaster with customers demanding the latest technology so they asked their trusted partner Devtek based in Istanbul to provide the new technology for the facility. Devtek installed their Easy on Air Media Suite, using the latest development EMS Easy OnAir4K to provide a 4K 50P HD-SDI output. Easy OnAir is a high-quality, professional, stable and reliable multiformat playout broadcast solution. The Supernova cards give a 4:2:2:4 output providing fill and key output to integrate into the system.


“As lead for Easy Media Suite’s team of developers I often find it really hard to organise the programming and development process when we integrate with other vendors. With Bluefish, it was totally different, because of their API and because of the great support and professionalism we received from them.”
Hasan Yel, Head of Programming, Devtek Easy Media Suite

“We are so pleased to have supported this innovative technical landmark. Working with great programmers like Devtek means they get the best from the features on the Bluefish cards. The system has been in constant use for over a year without a single re-start demonstrating the reliability of the cards and the quality of the Devtek coding & implementation”
Peter Rowsell, M.D, Bluefish444 Europe

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