Bluefish444 Announces Multi-Channel HD/SD Compatibility With NVerzion

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Multi-Channel HD/SD Ingest and Playout for the NFinity Broadcast Video Server

The NFinity Broadcast Video Server with Bluefish444 Epoch video I/O cards is designed to address the complex requirements of today's baseband and file-based workflows. This cost-effective multi-channel HD/SD package includes built-in automation, graphics, record scheduler, manual record apps, and support for all major codecs and wrappers with internal transcoding. Other features include an internal network source switch, DTMF/VANC network triggering for commercial insertion and EAS support.

NFinity allows up to four channels of Bluefish444 SDI acquisition or playout, up to 4K UHD, and is fully configurable to individual broadcaster requirements.


“NVerzion have developed a state of the art broadcast video server for multi-channel SDI and file based workflows for broadcasters”

“NFinity broadcast customers can take full advantage of the extensive Bluefish444 feature set adopted by NVerzion and rely on our industry proven SDI stability and quality”
Craige Mott, Managing Director, Bluefish444 


“Bluefish444 have been a very responsive partner to work with”

“They have a powerful API that can be programmed for a plethora of formats and the quality of the A/V output is excellent. The Epoch range of cards now supported by NVerzion will add value to the NFinity server by virtue of Bluefish444’s flexibility, quality and reliability”
Scott Murphy, CEO, NVerzion




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