Apantac, NEW Low Cost Multiviewer Mi-16 used by Reckord at IBC 2016 and More


At IBC 2016 Apantac launched their NEW Mi-16 multiviewer range in Europe, a range which was first shown at NAB, Las Vegas 2016. A range that is cost effective yet doesn't cut any corners allowing you to achieve the same high standards. 


See below for images and interviews from IBC 2016 with Apantac's President Thomas Tang plus, a review of the NEW Mi-16 in action by Czech Republic company Reckord Outside Broadcasting

Videos from IBC 2016, Thomas Tang, President of Apantac Interviewed:

  • Bottom Left - TV Bay, Kit Plus, Video Interview 1 of 3
  • Bottom Middle - TV Bay, Kit Plus, Video Interview 2 of 3
  • Bottom Right - TV Bay, Kit Plus, Video Interview 3 of 3
  • Top Right - In Broadcast, Video Interview

Images from IBC 2016:

  • Top Right - Panoramic View of Apantac Stand
  • Bottom Right - Apantac Multiviewer at IBC 2016
  • Bottom Left - Apantac Presiden, Thomas Tange with Ash Blankenship, In Broadcast
Apantac Stand_Panoramic_IBC 2016
Thomas Tang_Apantac_Ash Blankenship_In Broadcast_IBC 2016
Apantac Multiviewer_IBC 2016

Reckord Outside Broadcasting and Apantac at IBC 2016

Reckord Outside Broadcasting (based in Czech Republic) installed a range of Apantac’s Mi-16 Multiviewers and openGear video quad-splits in their new REC7 4K OB van. This was on show outside in the 'Outside Exhibitor's Area' during IBC 2016 at the Rai. 

Apantac, delivered a multiviewer infrastructure including two Mi-16# (pronounced sharp) Multiviewers, and 20 sets of OG-MiniQ multiviewer / quad-split cards used with the openGear platform for the OB van.

Reckord’s 4K OB Van will be taken around Europe and used to support the remote production of sporting events, entertainment, music and other large-scale live events. After its debut at IBC 2016 in the outdoor exhibitor’s area, the OB will take to the road starting  this November 2016.


"We have enjoyed a long-term relationship with Apantac, and their price, performance and reliability is and has been a great motivating factor for us as it helps us stay on budget,”

“Apantac’s solutions provide us with a user-friendly feature-set that helps us to deliver high quality content with complete confidence.”
Robert Kallista, Managing Director, Reckord


Article by Live Production TV Here


Below are images taken of Reckord’s 4K OB Van whilst at IBC 2016:


Further Information on Apantac Mi-16 and the Rest of the Range:



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