XDT Announces Support for 4K SDI Playout Via Bluefish444 EPpoch | 4K Supernova AT IBC 2013

Revolutionizing Uncompressed 4K Review Over Local and Wide Area Networks


XDT Pty. Ltd, a developer of advanced software-based solutions for high-speed data transfers, announces support for uncompressed 4K HD SDI frame review via Bluefish444’s Epoch | 4K Supernova video card. Flipstream, the unique QA client application of the flagship Catapult suite of products, now includes the ability to stream uncompressed frame sequences directly to 4K projectors via HD-SDI output.


“With the growing demand for review in emerging 4K workflows, Catapult combined with Flipstream now offers new opportunities for reviewing uncompressed frame sequences”,

“HD, 2K and 4K sequences can now be streamed directly from any LAN or WAN connected Catapult Server to a film projector using a client workstation with HD-SDI output and Flipstream".
Erik Otto, CEO, XDT


Redefining networked bulk media transfers and frame review, the Catapult suite of products delivers unprecedented point-to-point performance by utilizing standard networking infrastructure. The Catapult protocol addresses the shortcomings of common network protocols and bridges the gap between local and wide area transfers. At a starting point of only US$1,995, Catapult Server provides high-speed enterprise-grade bulk media transfer over virtually any network resulting in increased productivity and efficiencies for broadcasters, studios, and post production facilities.




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