vizrt Supports the Bluefish444 Epoch | Neutron Low Profile Half Length Uncompressed HD/SD SDI I/O Video Card

vizrt Supports the Bluefish444 Epoch | Neutron Low Profile Half Length Uncompressed HD/SD SDI I/O Video Card

 Vizrt to Support the Latest Bluefish444 Low Profile Cards


Bluefish444, manufacturer of the industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards is pleased to announce that Vizrt have integrated the Epoch | Neutron video card into Viz Engine 3.7.1.

The Epoch Neutron card adopts an all new form factor, allowing for integration into a wide range of chassis. The low profile, half height form factor allows Epoch | Neutron cards to be installed into low profile servers, small form factor (SFF) computers, and low profile Thunderbolt expansion chassis. Full height shield options allow for integration in more traditional workstation computers.

Epoch Neutron cards are fitted with 3x industry standard BNC connectors enabling two simultaneous streams of HD/SD including video fill+key operations. Each SDI connector is programmable as input or output. The Epoch | Neutron supports 1.5G SDI I/O and is perfect for single channel live graphics production providing real time SDI/HDMI fill/key outputs.A HDMI 1.4 mini connector provides a low cost HD/SD HDMI monitoring preview of the fill output for colour critical monitoring on consumer HDMI displays.

An interlocking connector on Epoch | Neutron boards allows for multiple cards in a single server to be locked to a common sync source instead of each card needing to be locked to its own sync source. This feature is a benefit to broadcasters requiring multi-card synchronisation by alleviating the need for multiple reference signals.

“The Viz Engine is at the heart of 2D/3D graphics production in broadcast and is deployed in a variety of mobile and studio workflows"

“The Epoch | Neutron’s low profile form factor ensures that Vizrt customers can access traditional single channel live HD/SD SDI production from portable devices such as Thunderbolt expansion chassis and small form factor computers, or, from traditional workstations”
Craige Mott, Managing Director, Bluefish444


"Broadcasters require reliable tools for HD production to ensure that their systems will always be on-air when it matters"  

"The Blufish444 Epoch Neutron delivers this required reliability for our Viz Engine platform at a low cost. Vizrt has had a long relationship with Bluefish444, providing our customers with quality products."
Gerhard Lang, Chief Engineering Officer, Vizrt



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