Video Storage Systems – Optimised for AVID, FCP and Adobe Premiere‎


Click here for Video Storage Systems - Optimised for Avid, FCP and Adobe Premiere‎ from Polar Graphics who have been installing and servicing storage for over 20 years


Our Optimised Video Storage Systems will provide fast and easy set up and connectivity providing the best storage to suit your workflow whether you are using MAC or Windows, Avid, Final Cut Pro(FCP) or Adobe Premiere. Contact us to talk about your system.

It’s a world where people are using various different operating systems, hardware and software therefore it’s important for manufacturers to be aware of that. We have always chosen the manufacturers we represent carefully to insure maximum compatibility to our client base.


Stardom Storage Solutions - Optimised for AVID, FCP and Adobe Premiere

The size of your facility wont matter with Stardom there is a option for everyone. From Single drives up to 2, 4, 6 and 8 bay enclosures and you can choose to buy everything from us or just the enclosures and install the drives yourself to save money. They feature connections for any workstation from USB, Firewire 800, eSATA and the new low cost Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 RAID. Compatible with MAC or Windows.


If you feel confused by the number of options out there then let us help you – call us and talk to a human or send us an email with the number of work stations you have and which format and we will get back to you with a suggested specification and price. Alternatively email us for our simple questionnaire and we will advise you.

We also offer a new range of LTO Archive tools with the new Storage DNA product line.



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