Ultimatte used in Local & European Elections

Ultimatte used in Local & European Elections

Ultimatte Plays a Key Role in Virtual Studio Applications like the Elections


The BBC recently completed 2 days of Local and European election results with their Vote 2014 show. The show featured a 5 camera virtual studio powered by Vizrt. Each main camera featured Ultimatte hardware to provide a high quality composite of the green screen camera feed and the Vizrt computer generated background.

The quality of the composite is improved by Ultimatte’s matte capability as it has been designed to address the needs of virtual studios. With enhanced Matte controls, streamlined Ambiance controls, in addition to complete FG and BG RGB color controls, the Ultimatte 11 HD/SD “places” the FG subject in the environment in a very natural and realistic way. The Ultimatte 11 incorporates modified matte algorithms to extend the ability of accurately separating the FG subject from the backing.

In addition to standard Matte Sizing, the Ultimatte 11 incorporates Matte Correction, which analyzes all matte transitions, and applies the appropriate amount of correction to the transitions which need modification. The Ultimattes worked for over 16 hours of live production and the quality can be seen on the final output.

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