Ultimatte – Hardware for Bluescreen & Greenscreen Compositing

HD & SD High Quality Realtime Compositing Hardware


New Ultimatte 12 Introduced at NAB 2016:  Ultimatte 12 - Real Time Chroma Key & Compositor

  • Ultimattes were used on the BBC General Election 2015 program:  Televisual Story
  • Here is a video of the Ultimattes in use at the BBC Euro & Local Election program Vote 2014:  video 



A company that specialises in this area for 25 years must be good at what they do. Ultimatte provide superior quality hardware for bluescreen and greenscreen compositing. Ideal for virtual set, live broadcast and on set compositing.



Users include BBC, ITN, Sky, Arqiva and many more. The only way to really see the difference is to see it – we offer systems for hire and demo from our stock in the UK and can provide operators and full technical support. Ultimatte is the perfect chroma key for virtual sets and was recently used in the BBC Local & European Elections. See here for a more detailed description of why Ultimatte is better than most chroma keys.


Here is Jeremy Vine explaining the technology: 

  • And here is some of the final output: Link


Continually in Development Latest features on the Ultimatte-11 Deluxe include:

  • Dual Link 4:4:4:4 GBRA input and/or output
  • Bandwidth limitation artifacts correction for 4:2:2
  • Noise reduction for the Blue/Red channels.






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