StorageDNA Latest News: DNAevolution Adds New REST API
StorageDNA Latest News: DNAevolution Adds 'NEW' REST API


The soon to be released latest version of StorageDNA Evolution (v5.0) has introduced a new REST API That makes it much easier for third party applications to interface with DNAevolution.
The REST API has also added integrations with the Studio Network Solutions new SNS Sharebrowser Media Asset Management, IPV Curator Media Asset Management and Editshare’s Flow Media Asset Management.
Other features added with v5.0 include:

NEW Wildfly Webstack
DNAevolution v5.0 features a completely revamped back-end web stack. The new web stack enables a more secure environment.


Drive Ordering
DNAevolution v5.0 now features the ability re-order drives from the web UI rather than through command line.


Auto Verification Scheduling
DNAevolution v5.0 features scheduling verification on an automated schedule rather than running it manually.


Migrate to Disk
DNAevolution v5.0 features bulk migration of LTO/LTFS tapes to disk. These can be tapes written by DNAevolution or alternatively third-party tapes if they are LTFS.


Tape List Filters
DNAevolution v5.0 features a UI enhancement to the tape list enabling filters to quickly locate a list of tapes with a specific search criterion (e.g. Unformatted tapes, Full tapes etc.).


MHL Reports
DNAevolution v5.0 includes Media Hash List reports which are generated and written to the target as part of the job run. Media Hash Lists provide an open way to exchange information about transfer lists and checksum.

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