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Hard Drives Fail. Can you Afford to Lose 3-8% of YOUR Content?
LTO Archive PREVENTS Data Loss

This report - Hard Drive Reliability Stats for Q4 2015  shows that hard drive failure is a reality of modern computing. If you have content stored on hard drives it could be at risk. Storage DNA offer a safe, cost effective way to archive your content, and more importantly retrieve that content easily as and when it is needed.

Also how can you deal with the huge content wave from high shoot ratios and 4K/UHD content? StorageDNA offer intelligent workflows to allow you to easily archive and then restore. The latest version 4.0 also features an innovative conform workflow to save money on buying more central storage. Storage DNA have created a Conform guide to explain the benefits of this workflow and how to create it. You can download the StorageDNA Conform Guide here


Many film, video and broadcast professionals are experiencing the phenomenal growth of unstructured data in their production and post production environments. The challenges you face with long-term archival storage of your digital assets include how to cost-effectively backup, archive, search, find, restore, and directly access your content.

DNAfusion is a new storage solution built on Sony's Optical Disc Archive media and StorageDNA's media intelligent software. The solution presents a new storage media that is removable and capable of a 50-year archive. However, it is random access with plug n play ability for tasks such as browsing, playing, sub-clipping, transcoding and more. More information here:



Case Study – BAMM TV

Since 2004, Storage DNA have been helping film, video and broadcast professionals master their digital workflow to enable them to work more efficiently and save costs. Advanced technologies and a commitment to innovation are the backbone of the company. Thier mission is to engage with the community of customers, resellers and partners, evolve the product offerings, and provide these solutions for unparalleled value. Many media professionals face a number of challenges as a result of the phenomenal growth of digital file-based workflows, including how to:Cost-effectively backup and store content Protect digital assets long-term Easily archive, search, find, restore, and directly access content when needed Visit Storage DNADNA Evolution, StorageDNA’s intelligent workflow solution built on Linear Tape Open (LTO) and Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technologies, allows you to streamline your file-based workflow, work more efficiently, and save significant storage costs. The innovative workflow solutions allow you to easily archive, find, restore, and directly access digital assets at incredible speeds.

StorageDNA’s solutions power some of the most complex and critical workflows for a wide range of customers from major film studios and television production companies to sports organizations, government agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.

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