Storage DNA LTO 7 Bundle – with Avid/Adobe Project Archive

New Entry Level Bundle that Includes Easy Archive for Avid & Adobe Workflows


StorageDNA has recently announced a NEW Avid and Adobe LTO-7 bundle designed to offer customers a simple but complete data management solution for any Post environment.

The bundle promo saves customers over $2,500 & includes first year of support FREE! Promo ends June 30th.

Includes Latest LTO-7 Drive Includes 1 x External LTO-7 SAS drive LTO-7 at 6.0 TB raw and 300 MB/s throughput

*NOT INCLUDED: Mac, Atto Thunderbolt-SAS connectivity



Perfect for Avid ISIS 1000 or Similar Entry Level SAN 

Designed to offload entry level SANsMassive offload and restore speeds: 300 MB/s

  • Fits an ISIS 1000 chassis in 3 x LTO-7 tapes = 18 TB
  • Complete Avid and Adobe management tools - Web browse, search, and preview Includes Avid Bin, Project Archive & Retrieval Sequence, bin or complete project offload to LTO-7
  • Works with AMA linked, native Avid media, graphics and other elements
  • Web search, previews for Avid media New ALE search and retrieval engine 


Includes Adobe Project Archive & Retrieval

  • Complete Adobe project offload to LTO-7
  • Seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud tools for previews and search
  • Web search, previews for over 150 camera formats
  • NEW EDL Search and retrieval tool



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