Stardom – Low Cost Raid for Video

Stardom - Low Cost Raid for Video

SR2 and SR4 Stand Alone RAID Enclosures Offer Value and Performance


Two of our best selling products in the Stardom range are the SR2 and SR4 drive enclosures. They both support up to 8TB drives so you can store a massive amount of data in a small box with the peace of mind of RAID protection.  

With budgets being challenged everywhere these make an ideal option for low cost raid for video users. They have triple connectivity for MAC and/ or PC with internal configuration via the front LCD without needing to install any additional software – just plug and play! USB 3.0 and Firewire800 provide the speed you need for demanding video applications.   For more information contact us or visit the Stardom website



Further Info:

  • As these sell so well we keep them in stock so contact us now for availability.  



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