Sight Deck iMatte Presentation System

Sight Deck iMatte Presentation System

From the creators of the world renowned Ultimatte system comes a whole new world of presentation.


Produce an effects rich production, deliver a superior presentation to a local audience, stream an interactive, audience inclusive, presentation to a distant audience, and do all this simultaneously!

SightDeck is experiential by nature.


It functions as a:

  • Interactive Presentation System
  • Distance Training System
  • Video Production Studio
  • Group Collaboration System
  • NOC Field Service System
  • Lecture Capture System
  • All in one package!


Local and distant. 

Deliver a presentation in a conference room, lecture hall or classroom while simultaneously streaming to distant locations.


Stealth Studio Produce high quality videos with all the benefits of a green screen studio while avoiding the pitfalls of a visual effects production loaded with post expenses. Cost? Same cost as voice-over-PowerPoint. Great human performances because they’re “captured”, not produced.


Multiple groups Uniquely addresses the needs of multiple group collaborations when there are too many participants for traditional “tiled” display techniques.


Local and distant. Combine both local training with distant training seamlessly. The “Looking Glass” feature allows for full participation of distant trainees.


Field Service
NOC support. “SightDeck Mobile” dispenses expertise to field technicians with a “hands on” experience that delivers certainty and speed. 


For more information visit the iMatte website



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