Scale Logic_Storage, Servers, Networking & Support for High Performance Workloads
"Scale Logic, the Global Leader in Advanced Media Workflow Solutions"
Scale Logic is the go to partner for the World's largest companies, creating highly robust, multi-tiered storage, networking and data management solutions that can scale to multi-petabytes.
Scale Logic's 'Enterprise' services division provides enterprise storage and networking solutions to replace, expand and enhance existing infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.
SAN, NAS and Data Management
Solving challenges facilities face in high-performance creative video production environments


Busy editing (24x7) and need to ensure zero downtime and optimal efficiency?
The Scale Logic RX3 and HyperMDC provide the backbone for performance, reliability and bandwidth allocation for complex video workgroups needing speeds up to 18GB/s.


NAS can be used as primary shared storage and can also be used as a second tier storage service
Scale Logic's Genesis NX2 and ZX provide enterprise-class solutions that scale out in clustered nodes and can grow to capacities over 5PB.

Data Management

Scale Logic have answers to most of your data management concerns / questions
They are are experts in managing increasing file size and performance requirements while partnering with best of-breed tool sets.

Enterprise Support Services
Customised options for warranties and other services to extend ROI on storage, servers, tape libraries and networking

The team at Scale Logic have decades of experience in helping their clients extend the value of the infrastructure investment. Whether you work in sports, life science, insurance, retail, healthcare or the media and entertainment industries Scale Logic can provide options to extend your ROI on enterprise storage, servers and networking.

Post Warranty Bridge Support

Customised SLA's to reduce IT maintenance spending by 50-70% and deploy engineers who are OEM certified to support customers.

Hardware Sourcing

Grow your storage and production with capacity add ons and servers.

Buybacks and Trade-Ins

Looking to get value out of solutions you no longer use? Scale Logic offer various program options for legacy storage, server and network equipment.

Asset Management

Certified services to ensure data erasure, system integration, data centre moves and asset recycling.