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As technology has moved from analog to 4K and everything in between, video professionals must have a tool they can rely on to connect with their media. Whether preparing files for editing, streaming or review - transcoding correctly is pivotal.

PrimeTranscoder is the swiss army knife of workflow software; Transcoding in faster, smarter, more efficient and reliable while removing the manual work from the process. With PrimeTranscoder automatically convert your camera footage to movies of various resolutions and types.

PrimeTranscoder is fast, and recognises over 20 different video camera formats including high definition image sequences.

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PrimeTranscoder has a simple and elegant user interface with reliability and power built-in. Automatic GPU Acceleration and CPU core distribution takes advantage of all of your computer’s processing power to make transcoding as fast as possible.


Transcoding is easy;
Use any of the supplied Standard Presets or create your own customised 'User Presets'.

Manually add desired files or folders of clips through 'Drag & Drop' into the configuration queue in PrimeTranscoder. Begin processing and the files are analysed according to your active preset instructions. A list of the movies and the status of their processing is displayed.

Another option to add files is to use the automated watch folder option in PrimeTranscoder - it constantly checks designated folder(s) for video files. Watch Folders are specifically designed for use with folders where new files are being dynamically added.

All processing options are on the 'Preset' level allowing maximum flexibility in PrimeTranscoder. For example, you can have separate Watch Folders and output locations for each preset and video type, etc.

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Merge many clips into one continuous clip

Imagine Products_PrimeTranscoder_TimeCode & Watermark Screenshot

Burn-in timecode, watermarking and text

For further information, system requirements or to download a free demo click HERE to be taken directly to the Imagine Products website.








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