Portable RAID Storage

Portable RAID Storage

Stardom Portable RAID Storage Offers Low Cost Storage in the Field 


As well as providing high quality cost effective storage the Stardom range is ideal for work in the field. They have a light weight small portable RAID, small enough to fit in your pocket! The DT8-U5 has a short rack design that can be rack mounted and installed in rugged portable flight cases, providing high capacity storage and high speed data transfer. The DT8-U5's all-aluminum structural design also allows the weight of the transport case to be significantly reduced.

All the ST4 units are compact and portable - ideal for field editing applications, the ST4-SB3 can be made portable as it comes equipped with a grip handle that you can choose to install yourself, making creativity mobile convenient and less bulky.

 The Stardom SOHOTANK ST4-SB3 is equipped with two types of high-speed interfaces, and can be used as a 6G 3.5"/2.5" high-speed SATA hard drive. When using the e-SATA interface, transmission speeds can reach 476MB/s, while transmission speeds for the USB3.0 interface are 386MB/s. These two types of interfaces achieve high transmission speeds at lower cost, making them suitable for high-speed image processing or image galleries with large capacity requirements.



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