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StorageDNA - LTO & ODA Archive  -  Stand No. 7.B42

StorageDNA Show Their Latest Archive Products NOW with LTO 7 Support

SDNA Logo_January 2015

New LTO 7 Hardware offerring 6TB per tape and speeds of up to 300 MB/s 


StorageDNA will show the latest features in their DNA Evolution software including:

  • Avid & Adobe Project Archiving
  • 4k/UHD Conform engine 
  • Newly optimized engine for higher archive & restore performance


Conquering the Content Deluge

File-based content is being generated at an unprecedented pace, and whether you manage a broadcast facility, post house, boutique editorial or corporate media department, it can be a daunting task to figure out where all of this media should go. Add higher resolutions (2K, 4K+), higher frame rates (60fps, 120 fps), and the need to convert analog libraries to digital, and you have a major undertaking on your hands. Oh, and let’s not forget security and disaster recovery of all this valuable file-based content.


Archive Engine Built on LTO LTFS

DNAevolution is an intelligent archive engine that helps you overcome the challenges of today’s file-based environments, adding new media workflows to one of today’s most trusted storage mediums–LTO tape.


DNAFusion with Sony Optical Disc Archive

SDNA_Sony Optical Disk Archive_January 2016

DNAfusion is a new storage solution built on Sony's Optical Disc Archive media and StorageDNA's media intelligent software. The solution presents a new storage media that is removable and capable of a 50-year archive. However, it is random access with plug n play ability for tasks such as browsing, playing, sub-clipping, transcoding and more.



New Bluefish444 Video I/O Cards  -  Stand No. 7.J07

Bluefish444 Introduces the KRONOS Range of Video and Audio I/O CardsBluefish

The new line extends the feature set of Bluefish444’s Epoch video cards, which support up to 4K 60 frame per second workflows. KRONOS is developed for additional workflows requiring Ultra HD up to 8K, high frame rates up to 120fps, high dynamic range and video over IP.

With these capabilities, Bluefish444 cards are developed to support all areas of TV and feature film production, post, display and restoration, in addition to virtual reality and augmented reality. For use in theme parks, music concerts, sporting and outdoor events, the KRONOS range is also recommended for single and multi-card support enabling 8K/4K/2K imagery presented across one or more screens or projectors.

KRONOS adds video processing technologies including resolution scaling, video interlace and de-interlace; hardware CODEC support, SDI to IP and IP to SDI conversion, and continues to offer the 12-bit colour space conversion and low-latency capabilities of Epoch.Real-time graphics systems will benefit from the KRONOS range’s ability to achieve the highest level of quality, reliability and low latency whilst adding multiple streams of 4K Ultra HD and high frame rate video I/O demanded by sports and live event coverage.



Apantac - Multiviewers and Converters  -  Stand No. 8.E37

Apantac will be showing their new cost effective Mi-16 multiviewers previously shown at Infocomm.


“Our new Mi-16 range of Multiviewers is packed full of features typically only found in a $15,000 Multiviewer system, yet starts as low as $2,250,”

“The Mi-16 is an ideal choice for facilities that require a full-featured Multiviewer solution, yet are cost conscious.”
Thomas Tang, President, Apantac


They recently helped the International Broadcast Centre at EURO 2016 find a cost effective way to get the highest quality signals to the 4K monitors. See the article in Broadcast Bridge



Ultimatte 12 - New hardware from Ultimatte  -  Stand No. 7.C27


It would be conventional wisdom to conclude that green-screen technology is a mature science. What other conclusion is there? considering the Ultimatte 11, introduced 10 years ago in 2006, still represents the pinnacle of quality matting devices.The Ultimatte 11 stands alone in the industry for its longevity.

This is what makes the Ultimatte 12 so remarkable. The improvements are clearly visible, even to the untrained eye.Spill suppression artifacts, edge artifacts, uneven lighting, floor glare, suppression noise, color integrity, clean-up loss, were insurmountable problems with solutions considered to have hit a wall in real-time keying.

The Ultimatte 12 tears down those walls and proves green-screen technology was not a mature science after all.

Features Include:

  • Perfected Matte Algorithms
  • Perfected Flare Algorithms
  • Perfected Color Reproduction
  • Floor Glare Reduction
  • Noise Reduction
  • 3 Alphas in 1 Alpha Channel Input
  • External Garbage Matte Softening
  • Single or Dual Channel in SD / HD incl. 1080p/50-60Hz
  • Field Upgradeable to UHD
  • Redundant Power Supply



Mediaproxy - Compliance Logging and ASI Monitoring - Stand No. 7.J07

Polar Graphics have been appointed UK distributors for Mediaproxy the industry leader for broadcast compliance logging, content monitoring and transport stream analysis.


The Product Range Includes:

  • LogServer Baseband - Professional SD and HD Compliance Logging and Content Monitoring
  • LogServer ASI - Record Proxy and Native MPEG Media from Transport Stream sources
  • LogServer IP - Software-based MPEG streaming server, TS event monitoring and IP multi-viewer combined
  • LogServer Access – Cloud Based Media Access and Redundancy

The award winning products allow providers to enhance and monitor the quality of service for their broadcast customers and offer a comprehensive set of features and full scalability. Come and learn more at IBC.



We look forward to seeing familiar and new faces at IBC

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