New Products & Features for NAB 2016

New Products and Features for NAB 2016

Manufacturers Represented in Europe by Polar Graphics at NAB 2016 with the Release of NEW Products and Features - Scroll Down to see the Complete List



StorageDNA LTO Archive & Sony ODA Removable Nearline – Booth SL10113

LTO Archive 

StorageDNA will have the latest DNAevolution software version 4.1 set up on the stand showing the latest features including Avid & Adobe Project Archiving and showing the 4K Conform work flow allowing users to save money on hardware infrastructure.

Version 4.1 Features include:

  • LTO-7 Compatibility
  • New and improved Avid and Adobe project-based archiving
  • Loader software lock ensures protection against incorrect loading of tapes and prevents software versus hardware inventory mismatches.
  • Auto-LTFSCK intelligently detects corrupted tapes and auto-corrects them without user or support intervention
  • Improved protection against restores to unmounted workspaces, out of space targets and more.


Sony Optical Disk Archive & DNAfusion

StorageDNA are the only company offering Smart Access. DNAfusion is a new storage solution built on Sony's Optical Disc Archive media and StorageDNA's media intelligent software. The solution presents a new storage media that is removable and capable of a 50-year archive. However, it is random access with plug n play ability for tasks such as browsing, playing, sub-clipping, transcoding and more.

More info here:



Stardom Storage - New Thunderbolt Options - Booth SL15216

Stardom will be showing their complete range of products and  the new ST2-TB two bay - a new Thunderbolt RAID ideal for video applications providing up to 16TB of storage that has recently been added to the Stardom Thunderbolt range.

Stardom will also release new Raid X products.This concept is to upgrade your Raid 5 3G with a Raid X 6G for more speed, security and stability and they will also be demonstrating the DR8-TBA that supports up to 48TB using 8TB drives.



Bluefish444 – EPOCH 4K Video I/O Cards - Booth SL9021


The Bluefish444 Advantage - check the video:

The latest EPOCH | 4K Neutron and Epoch Neutron low profile half length uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI I/O video cards including 4K 60P will be on show on the stand. A new Windows driver update has recently added significant 4K & 2K stereo features for SDI & HDMI workflows involving Adobe, Avid and Assimilate.

The Epoch | 4K Neutron range of products has been upgraded to support the two-sample interleave 4K video mode. SMPTE 425-5 is the industry standard for Quad Link 3Gbps SDI employing two-sample interleave and supported by the industry's SDI equipped camera and monitor manufacturers.

The Windows upgrade adds 4K HDMI 30fps video and audio preview via the Epoch | 4K Neutron range for inexpensive 4K monitoring NLE & graphics workflows.

Bluefish also recently announced it has become a member of the TICO alliance. The TICO lightweight 4:1 compression scheme, known as SMPTE RDD35, will allow Bluefish444 customers to access uncompressed quality video at one quarter of the bandwidth, to be transported over existing SDI infrastructure and emerging IP technologies.



Apantac Multiviewers and Converters - Booth N4506

Apantac will launch THE WORLD'S MOST COST-EFFECTIVE & ADVANCED VIDEO MULTIVIEWER - $15K worth of features for under $2.3K, There will be 3 new models available:

Mi-16 - Single Output Video Multiviewer (16x1) CLICK HERE FOR INFO...

Mi-16+ (PLUS) - Single or Dual Output Video Multiviewer (16x1 OR 8+8) CLICK HERE FOR INFO...

Mi-16# (SHARP) – Dual Output Video Multiviewer (16x2) CLICK HERE FOR INFO...

There wil also be new Open Gear range and the T# Modular range. The T# multiviewer is based on a revolutionary modular architecture from Apantac. Three frame sizes (1RU, 2RU, 4RU) and 16 pre-configured models are available. The pre-configured models can be easily expanded by adding additional input or output boards. All boards are hot swappable and interchangeable between all three frame sizes.

Here is a video preview of the Micro-4K-DP 4K UHD Displayport


Videos from the Show Floor:




Apantac Launches NEW Extenders & Receivers at NAB 2016:

  • Apantac’s new HDMI over IP Extender/Receiver set provides a versatile solution to send HDMI video sources to other source devices or remote screens, over a standard Gigabit Ethernet IP Network. 
  • Also a new KVM over IP Extender & Receiver is an IP-based KVM Extender/Receiver set is ideal for applications where multiple local computers need to be accessed from multiple remote locations. This new KVM solution can extend HDMI video up to 1920x1200/1080P, USB 2.0/1.1, RS-232, bi-directional audio, and bi-directional IR on a single cable, over a Gigabit Ethernet IP network.



Ultimatte 12 NEW! -  Compositor and Chroma Key - Booth SL5017

NAB sees the launch of the Ultimatte 12

They will show their award winning technology again the system was used last year on the BBC Election program - see it in action here:



Further Info:

  •  Contact us now to arrange a meeting at the show



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