HYPERTAPE based on dnaLTFS technology uses StorageDNA’s enhanced Linear File Transfer System.

HyperTape has been developed to let users interact directly with files on a tape using their favourite applications for the fastest, simplest LTO tape workflows available anywhere.

By building a Random-Access Database (RAD) file for each tape's media contents, HyperTape eliminates the latency seek and restore time typically found on linear tape storage. This allows the LTO tape to behave much like a hard drive for high performance video applications such as NLEs and transcoders.

StorageDNA_myLTOdna_Imagine Products
StorageDNA_myLTOdna_Write Mode

'Write Mode'

With myLTOdna from Imagine Products you can streamline your workflow: Write directly to tape and use that tape as the source for production editing. With content already on tape there's no need to archive when the project's complete - it's already on LTO!

DNA Write Mode is designed to turn tape into a high performance, streaming write device. Data is written directly to tape, without any disk caching for high performance workflows.

StorageDNA_myLTOdna_Train Mode

'Train Mode'

DNA Training Mode is used to develop a RAD file with access instructions for media files on the tape. You may train a tape by running a target application and opening each media file, or automate the process using Prime Transcoder application, also from Imagine Products in conjunction with myLTOdna.

This "Auto-Train Mode" quickly analyses all media files on the tape to create a RAD file specific to that tape's contents.

StorageDNA_myLTOdna_Read Mode

'Read Mode'

DNA Read Mode is designed to immediately provide the file information your video application needs without the overhead of cuing and restoring the files to disk.

In myLTOdna, select 'DNA Read Mode' then mount the tape. The result is random access behaviour from a linear tape.

Click HERE to find out more direct from 'Imagine Products' and download a free demo (link at bottom of page)





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