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ShareBrowser 4.4 Release

SNS released the latest update to ShareBrowser, an easy-to-use asset management software included free with every EVO.

This year, they've added a ton of new features including;

  • New multi-variable search options
  • Expanded cloud storage support for Google Drive and more
  • Finder and Windows integration for project locks
  • Export media and custom metadata directly to PP and FCPX projects


A screenshot of the Export to Premiere feature


Introducing Slingshot, an Automation's GUI and API for EVO Shared Storage

Slingshot is a point-and-click automation builder and powerful API for developers.Slingshots helps by enabling you to;

  • Set a watch folder that moves files to an FTP system every hour
  • Schedule server-to-server transfers (so you don’t have to “tie up” a workstation just for repetitive copying or moving files.)
  • Send files in a watched folder to cloud storage once per week at a certain time, for instance: every Saturday at 1 am.

Learn more on Slingshot by visiting the SNS website HERE

See SNS's Steve McKenna talk to 'Premiere Gal' at NAB HERE

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