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Mediaproxy has quickly become one of the most trusted logging and monitoring platforms for hundreds of customers around the world. Constantly driving developments in this field for almost two decades has resulted in consistently leading the way with new innovations.


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Mediaproxy_IP Solutions For Monitoring

• Next Generation Monitoring Tools •
Mediaproxy seamlessly unites access to all broadcast sources via its next generation IP applications to provide an advanced set of monitoring tool


• Software Based IP Monwall•
A unique hybrid multi-panel live streaming application that provides powerful solutions for monitoring of live streams from broadcast and OTT sources


• OTT Stream Monitoring •
LogServer provides seamless integration with OTT sources, offering broadcasters an easy to deploy solution for handling internet based streams via built-in recording, multi-channel review and confidence monitoring


• Monitor Digital Program Insertion Triggers •
Digital program insertion (DPI) allows headends and affiliates to insert commercials and short programs into contents before delivery to viewers


• Advanced Metadata Monitoring •
Dedicated Loudness, Closed Caption, OTT and DVB Subtitle panels


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Mediaproxy_IP Solutions for Analysis

• Real-Time Broadcast Analysis •
Mediaproxy provides a comprehensive suite of software-based analysis applications to help you attend to on-air issues quickly and resolve them efficientl


•Transport Stream Analysis •
In addition to live and file-based MPEG analysis, Mediaproxy’s unique platform offers decentralised real-time analysis, to provide low bandwidth transport stream monitoring without requiring direct network access to multicast sources


• Advance Closed Caption & DVB SUbtitle Analysis •


• Content Matching •
Built-in video and audio fingerprinting technologies


• Viewer Rating Integration •


• Aircheck, Introducing Mobile Analysis & Monitoring •
Aircheck is Mediaproxy’s next generation native iOS and Android mobile app, providing an innovative way to monitor and analyse live broadcast transmissions, OTT streams and adapt multi-viewing applications


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Mediaproxy_IP Solutions for Compliance

Your Trusted Platform For Regulatory Compliance


• Global Leader For Compliance •
Mediaproxy’s robust and versatile platform has evolved to provide an extensive set of features that meet the demands of executives and engineers today


• Review, Search, Extract •
The LogServer platform provides seamless multi-­channel recording, review and live monitoring of video, audio and real-­time data sources from 4K/HD/SD IP, SDI, SMPTE2022-6, HLS, RTMP, MPEG-DASH and SmoothStreaming sources


• Accurate Caption Compliance •
Mediaproxy provides extensive support for all current standards


• Built-in Integratrion With As-run, Traffic & Graphics Logs •
Built-in integration with your automation data sources enables efficient search to quickly identify contents by program ID or name


• Record From ANY Source, Format & Resolution •


• Runs Seamlessly In Virtualised & Cloud Environments •
A software-based solution Mediaproxy can easily be hosted on virtual machines and Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS cloud platforms


• Mediate Access Or Plan For Redundancy •
LogServer Access provides customers with a highly cost-effective option for cloud based media access, remote backup and disaster recovery for one or across a network of LogServer systems


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