PRESS RELEASE: MagStor LTO-8 Fibre Channel, Desktop Drives are HERE! Introducing the FC-HL8
PRESS RELEASE: MagStor LTO-8 Fibre Channel, Desktop Drives are HERE!
Introducing the FC-HL8

MagStor are now offering one of the only LTO FC desktop tape drives.

MagStor desktop LTO-8 tape drives with FC interface come standard with an 8Gb/sec. fibre channel interface.

As with MagStor's popular LTO-7/8 Thunderbolt 3 desktop drives, these LTO-8 FC drives have a built-in power supply unit, relieving the need for bulky adaptors or bricks taking up desk space, along with correct drive orientation (horizontal) and a 3 Year Warranty as standard (optional upgrade to 5 years is available).

The MagStor LTO-8 FC tape drive support the 'Linear Tape File System' (LTFS). LTFS software allows users to drag and drop files to tape just as easily as they would to disk.

MagStor_LTO8 Fibre Channel Tape Drive

About MagStor:
MagStor is a daughter company to Magnext, which has 12 years industry experience selling complete systems, repairing, and refurbishing tape storage products. Spotting a gap in the market MagStor was created to promote the MagStor product line and data storage products tailored specifically to the media and entertainment clientele.


What is MagStor?
The first Thunderbolt 3TM certified tape drive.

With Thunderbolt™ 3 / USB-C port connectivity the units can be easily connected to your desktop MAC or PC. Taking advantage of LTFS (Linear Tape File System), users can easily drag and drop files to and from an LTO.


Contact for MagStor: 
  |    +1 614-433-0011    |

About Polar Graphics:

As distributors/representatives for the broadcast, post and video industries for more than 25 years, Polar Graphics is an acknowledged expert in its field.

Known as The Polar Bears, company representatives work closely with suppliers, partners, and resellers to ensure the provision of the very best products and services to an ever-changing and growing industry.

Full list of brands represented or distributed by Polar Graphics can be found on the 'Products Page'.


Contact the Polar team now for more information on MagStor Products:    |    +44 (0)20 8868 2479    |

MagStor_Thunderbolt 3 & Fibre Channel_LTO Tape Drives

For more information on the range of MagStor Products, distributed by Polar, click HERE






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