Lightweight Small Portable RAID – Stardom MR2

Lightweight Small Portable RAID – Stardom MR2

Stardom MR2 Offers a Very Small 2 Bay Raid that Fits in your Pocket!


SOHORAID MR2-WBS2 is the smallest 2.5” hard disk RAID in the market.

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The sleek aluminum housing is equipped with high reliable RAID 1 engine to automatically back up and protect your precious digital photos, digital video and music files or switch to RAID 0 mode to increase the performance and capacity. Easy to set up and operate, large capacity, high performance and built-in hardware RAID; MR2-WBS2 is the most powerful and reliable portable RAID storage solution for digital content creation specialists.


Massive Space, Compact Size

The MR2-WBS2 supports two 750GB (6Gbit / 3Gbit) drives to store more, back up and protect space intensive project files.


Triple Interface for Mac & PC

Built-in High speed FireWire 800, eSATA 3G and USB 2.0 triple interface connectivity, the MR2-WBS2 provides the industry’s best compatibility for both Mac and PC.


Bus Powered via FireWire

MR2-WBS2’s unique feature that can safely and conveniently transport data via eSATA or FireWire and bus powered via FireWire.


Secured Drive Module Design

MR2-WBS2’s drive module is lightweight, small and portable. It's built-in with locking mechanism to prevent from accidently removing hard drives. In the event hard drive should fail, simply swap out the defective drive with the same drive module to shorten the downtime and reduce the cost of repair.


Supports High Performance

High Reliable or Two Independent Disk Volume MR2-WBS2 is built-in with 3 different RAID mode: RAID 1 (Safe Mode), RAID 0 (Speed Mode) and JBOD (Two Independent Volume) for different application environments.


It's Time Machine™ friendly!

Fully support Mac Time Machine via FireWire, eSATA or USB. MR2-WBS2 is the perfect data protection solution that automatically backs up and prevents data lost of your entire computer via Apple’s Time Machine without interruption.



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