IBC 2015 New Products Preview – At a glance

IBC 2015 New Products Preview - At a glance

Here is our Handy - At a Glance Preview of our IBC 2015 


This year’s IBC is sure to see a lot of talk about 4K and Ultra HD there are lots of new products and features from the manufactures we represent.



Storage DNA & Sony Optical Disk Archive(ODA)
Revolutionary Media Storage – Stand No.  7.B42

With the industry facing a content wave how do we store, manage and move this data?

Storage DNA will show Revolutionary Media Storage – Sony Optical Disc Archive - Only Dual Purpose Storage - Random Access and Archive! Random Access (like HDD) 
 - 50 Year (Better than LTO) 
 - No Migration (Better than LTO) 
 Storage DNA are using Sony ODA as a simple direct file based storage perfect for media work flows.

Storage DNA - 4K UHD Conform 4K to the home is now gaining momentum, with 4K content already available online via Websites such as NETFLIX® and YouTube®. Storage DNA will help manage that workflow effectively with their new LTO conform for Avid features and new Avid & Adobe Project based archiving in version 4.0.



Bluefish444 4K UHD & HD Video I/O Cards – Stand No. 7.J07

Latest 4K Video I/O Cards – inc. 4K 60P Epoch 4K Neutron Features 1.5G + 3G SDI I/O, Dual Link SDI, 3D Stereoscopic, 12 bit video processing pipeline, HDMI 1.4 output, 4 x 1D LUTs, and a Low Latency video Keyer.



Apantac Multiwiewers & Converters – Stand No. 8.E37

T# Modular Multiviewers - Mix and Match IOs These are a new range of revolutionary & modular Multiviewers featuring mix and match input/output architecture for a “Future-Proof” system.

Hybrid Multiviewers In addition to the existing DL series (Multimedia and baseband inputs), they will show the IL series (IP/ASI and baseband inputs) and the new ID series (IP/ASI and baseband inputs) plus new OpenGear modules.



Stardom Storage Solutions – Stand No. 7.G09

New Thunderbolt 2 RAID enclosures – low cost 2 and 4 bay enclosures.



Ultimatte – Stand No. 7.C27

The award winning hardware chroma key/compositor will be on display and you can have a full demo of the features and functionality at the stand – as used on this years BBC General Elections!



More information and full listings of new features here: New Products for IBC 2015




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