How to Archive Avid Projects


If you Need a Quick One Click Tool for Archiving Avid Projects to LTO then StorageDNA is PERFECT


Automatically archive your Avid Project every day straight to LTO with StorageDNA's Avid archiving. Wtach the video to learn how to archive Avid projects from StorageDNA.

As well as simple one touch archive they also offer comprehensive data management tools for Avid environments:

DNAevolution is the most comprehensive, yet cost-effective archive solution for Avid environments ranging from Avid Unity™ ISIS® workgroup installations to large Avid Interplay® enabled deployments.


DNAevolution Delivers:

  • Automated Project-based Backup and Archiving
  • Simple and hassle-free project and media offload and restore to/from LTO, in addition to archiving via AAF or EDL
  • Automated Conform
  • Automated low-res to high-res LTO pipeline option
  • Save online storage capacity with added restore efficiency
  • Data Movers Tuned for Avid Unity ISIS Accelerate movement of data to and from ISIS shared storage


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