High Capacity Compact Storage

 Stardom DT8_Stand Alone_Direct Attached Broadcast Video StorageNEW Stardom High Capacity Compact Storage with DT8-U5


Stardom have recently introduced a new large capacity compact storage enclosure. Coming in at half the size of similar-level rack products, it is still able to maintain the same storage capacity.

The DT8-U5 is compatible with 6TB SATA/SAS hard drives of various brands. When used with a RAID card in RAID 0 mode, installing eight 6TB hard drives will allow the system to provide up to 48TB of storage space from a single drive; when used with RAID card in RAID 5 mode, it is able to provide a single secure storage space of 42TB, constantly ensuring the safety of your important data.

The unit offers high performance, when the ATTO R680 PCIe x 8 RAID controller and eight 7200 RPM SATA II hard disks are installed in the DT8-U5, it can approach speeds of 1000MB/sec under RAID 5 protection mode. It can also support two concurrent transmissions of uncompressed 10bit high-definition video or transmission of a single 2K DPX file. Connectivity is via mini SAS or Thunderbolt using the ATTO Thunderstream. The unit is available from Polar Graphics who keep stock of Stardom Products.

More information at the Stardom Website



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