Are You Smarter Than a 10yr Old?

With many around the country home schooling, we here at Polar HQ have heard a number of various and very humorous stories. Many who are home schooling actually feel as though they have gone back to school themselves.

For a little bit of fun, test your knowledge with a selection of questions Mr Waddle has sourced from a SATS exam paper...could pass your SATs now?

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1- Insert one comma in the correct place, in the sentence below:
Every night Dad and my brother take the dog for a walk.


2- Which sentence must not end with an exclamation mark?
You really must wear a coat
What a dreadful day I had
What is the temperature now
The wind is very strong today


3- Insert a relative pronoun to complete the sentence below
Everyone loved the music was played last night


4- What does the prefix 'multi-' mean in the words; multicultural, multipurpose and multicoloured?


5- Which sentence uses tense correctly?
We sat and ate our lunch once we had found a sunny picnic spot.
Once we find a sunny picnic spot, we sat and ate our lunch.
Once we had found a sunny picnic spot, we sit and eat our lunch.
We sat and eat our lunch once we had found a sunny picnic spot.



6 - ? = 6,000 + 90


7- 836 x 27 =


8- 51% of 900 =


9- Write the missing numbers represented by a '?' below
?  155  200  245  ?  ?


10- Jack chose a number. He multiplied the number by 7. Then he added 85. His answer was 953. What number did Jack choose?



11- Many water birds have webbed feet. Why are webbed feet useful to water birds?


12- Write yes or no next to each in the list below in each row of the table to show if the activity causes a reversible change
Baking a cake
Frying eggs
Dissolving sugar
Burning candles on a birthday cake
Making ice cubes


13- Some mixtures can be separated with a filter. Write yes or no next to each in the list below in each row of the table to show if if a filter can be used to separate each mixture.
Sand and stones
Soil and water
Sand and soil
Salt and water


14- Alice has a model sheep. The instructions say she can grow a white coat for the sheep.

Build the sheep from cardboard pieces. Stand the sheep in the special liquid. Leave the sheep for two days.

The special liquid was made by mixing a solid in water. After the solid mixed with the water, the liquid was completely clear.

Explain why Alice cannot see the solid mixed in the liquid.

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** Questions and answers have been taken from a SATS exam paper **