Chroma Key For Virtual Sets and Virtual Studios


Ultimatte - the Best High Quality Compositing / Chroma Key for Virtual Sets and Virtual Studios


  • The BBC used Ultimatte in their recent European & Local Election show - here is a video
  • Ultimatte 12 - There is a brand new version of the Ultimate Compositor - more info
  • As well as BBC and other major broadcasters Ultimatte is used by ITN Studios for the award winning ITV news: Clip


Polar Graphics have many years experience in providing chroma key for virtual sets and virtual studios and have been distributors for Ultimatte since 1994. In a virtual set you are often trying to fool the realism and combine the real world with the virtual world, the quality of the composition makes all the difference to the final image.

The system was used on the BBC's Vote 2014 Local & European Elections


Here is Jeremy Vine explaining the technology:


If you are working in a live environment you need the controls to be quick and simple, you often don't have time to adjust or make small tweaks. Ultimatte has a "file clear" mode that sets the best possible key in one quick button then if you have time and need to make finite adjustments there are many levels of control available.


Ultimatte is not really a chroma key - it is more of a compositing device with full control over matte. An Ultimatte differs from a chroma keyer in three ways:

  1. It uses a fully additive mix to combine the foreground and background so that it can reproduce extremely subtle detail in the foreground subject such as reflections in transparent objects
  2. It uses patented algorithms to generate the key signal which enables it to better distinguish the background from the foreground subject.
  3.  It processes the foreground with patented algorithms which suppress the backing and remove blue spill while at the same time permitting many shades of blue to be reproduced in the foreground.


There is a more detailed white paper here:




Further Info:

  • Ultimatte have been making their product for over 35 years and continue to supply the best possible solution.
  • You can read about Ultimatte vs Other Chroma key devices here.
  • You can read about one of our other customers Evolution Gaming here
  • See Ultimatte at IBC 2015 AND all our Other Product News: Here



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