Broadcast Quality Quad Split

Broadcast Quality Quad Split

Apantac Offer NEW MicroQ Quad Split and MiniQ Modular 3G/HD/SD-SDI Multiviewer


Apantac have recently launched two new monitoring products - The MicroQ a broadcast quality quad split and the MiniQ range of Modular 3G/HD/SD-SDI Multiviewer.

Cost effectiveness and innovation are still two key drivers for succeeding as a product designer and manufacturer. At Apantac, they believe that tight budgets should not mean that important features are sacrificed when selecting equipment, although some non-priority features could be overlooked. They take great pride proposing, manufacturing, and delivering products that include the latest technology for an ever-changing marketplace.

MiniQ and MicroQ - The new cost effective production monitoring solution from Apantac - a mix of two new Apantac TAHOMA platform multiviewer products:

The MiniQ is a compact (25 cm chassis depth!), hot swappable and cascadable quad module solution with a comprehensive feature set. It can be used as a standalone unit or up to eight modules can mount in a 3 RU chassis with redundant power supplies.

The MicroQ is a very compact low cost high quality fixed quad split with full screen capability that, thanks to supplied mounting gear, can easily be installed at the rear of a monitor.

Both products accept as standard Composite, SD, HD and 3G SDI signals, with automatic signal detection, offer an HDMI/DVI and an SDI output, decode and display embedded audio meters and support the TSL protocol over IP. Add to this a very limited power consumption – 20 W for a MiniQ and 12 W for a MicroQ, limited space use – e.g. mounting MicroQ at the back of the fixed quad monitors requires no extra rack space, combine it with a SDI matrix of your choice, a Tally & Label management system with control capabilities such as the TSL Tallyman and you get a fully functional OB Van or Studio monitoring package at a price that has no equivalent competition on the market.

A typical OB or studio monitoring set up includes MicroQ fixed quad units for the Director wall, Production Assistant positions and MiniQ units for Camera Control, SloMo/VTR, Audio or Technical manager position. Actually MiniQ is chosen whenever more than four windows per display are required or layout flexibility and clocks are needed., Budget and operation flexibility considerations dictates if some or all of the multiviewer inputs are fed by the main SDI matrix.



Further Info:

  • Houses of the Oireachtas use Apantac MicroQ Quad Splits - link
  • Contact us for more information and PDF comparisons - here



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