Bluefish444 IngeSTore NetAccess
Introducing IngeSTore NetAccess – Allowing Remote Production
Control Your IngeSTore Server from Anywhere in the World


Bluefish444 IngeSTore Server 3G is a dedicated 3RU server, able to capture 4 independent streams of HD/SD or 2 streams of 3G video from separate SDI sources simultaneously.
NOW your IngeSTore Server, installed anywhere across the Globe can be controlled through a standard web browser, whether you are on or off premises.
Have more than one Bluefish444 IngeSTore Server? Not a problem, multiple IngeSTore Servers can be controlled through a single web browser, allowing a single operator to control the schedules and recording operations.

Each and every feature available within the desktop IngeSTore software is made available through the HTML client and accessed through standard web browsers.

NetAccess download includes the HTML Client, a guided installer and a free and lightweight web server to help simplify the setup process. NetAccess can also be integrated into more complex IT infrastructure with existing web servers, or even customised to suit specific needs of any customer with the source code being available free of charge.

NetAccess can be downloaded from the Bluefish444 website: HERE

REST API licence is required for each IngeSTore installation requiring NetAccess integration. This can be purchased directly from the Bluefish444 website by following this link: IngeSTore REST API

Features of NetAccess


♦ Compatible with all major web browsers on workstations, servers and mobile devices

All features of the IngeSTore desktop application are available within NetAccess for remote control

Full confidence when monitoring capture, no matter what bandwidth is being used

Can be used to either control a single IngeSTore workstation or multiple connected IngeSTore Servers


NetAccess Remote Production Workflow Diagram
Bluefish444_IngeSTore NetAccess_Diagram

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