Bluefish444 Ingest DNxHD for Avid Certified Video Cards


Ingest Multiple Streams of HD/SD SDI Recording Directly to AVID DNxHD

and Other AVID Compatible MXF MediaBlueFish444

One of the unique features of Bluefish cards is the ability to input and output simultaneously in multiple formats. This means your workstation can be ingesting while you are still editing and viewing the output. Utilising only a HD/SD SDI video cable DNxHD Multi-Channel Ingest enables workstations to capture AVID compatible DNxHD media with little or no operator intervention. Detecting the start / stop of time-code data allows DNxHD Multi-Channel Ingest to automatically start and stop captures, generating media files for each new take.

DNXHD Multi-Channel Ingest harnesses the power of all Bluefish444 multiple channel HD/SD SDI input video cards.


Epoch|Supernova has 4 HD/SD SDI simultaneous inputs enabling systems to capture:

  • four streams of independent HD/SD SDI video or two dual link streams of 4:4:4 RGB video, or
  • two linked streams of stereoscopic 4:2:2.
  • All captures are fully automated, with only meta-data requiring user input 
  • Ingest DNxHD in a selection of bit rates



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