Bluefish444 Announces HD/SD Integration with Media-Alliance ONDA Automation


HD/SD Playout from Media-Alliance ONDA Automation


Bluefish444, manufacturer of the industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards, announces integration with ONDA Automation from Media-Alliance.

ONDA is a scheduling and automation playout suite developed for broadcasters. Playout automation and the scheduler share the same database, thus assuring fast access to data and simultaneous edit of the playlist when scheduling changes. ONDA manages secondary events like GPI triggers and basic CG or advanced 2D/3D animated CG systems like ClassX.

ONDA can integrate with other Media-Alliance workflow solutions such as VIVA Ingest, Borneo MAM and Witness Compliance recording.

Bluefish444 and Media-Alliance are actively working together to qualify Bluefish444 hardware and software in other parts of the broadcast workflow chain supported by Media-Alliance. Currently, Bluefish444’s freely bundled IngeSTore software is being evaluated for ingest, and Bluefish444’s integration with CasperCG is being evaluated for advanced 2D/3D animated CG.


“Media-Alliance are an industry stalwart with a sophisticated suite of industry-proven workflow solutions for broadcasters”

“We are confident that Bluefish444’s proven hardware reliability, stability and quality will benefit Media-Alliance’s customer base.”
Craige Mott, Managing Director, Bluefish444



“For many years I was looking at Bluefish444 with the respect reserved for the highest quality products, especially with their well-known driver stability, hardware reliability, and 12-bit processing capability. I had always hoped to have a chance to collaborate with an organisation producing such superlative electronics”

“And finally, I’ve succeeded. We are currently updating all of our products to support Bluefish444, starting with ONDA playout automation, with our NewsMaster software for news playout automation the next product that we work on.”
Giovanni Soldi, CEO/MD, Media-Alliance


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  • Bluefish444 Epoch
  • Bluefish444 Epoch Supernova 
  • Bluefish444 Epoch Neutron


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