Bluefish444 Announces Epoch | 4K Neutron Support for AVID Media Composer 8 and Fluid DNxHD ingeSTore

Bluefish444 Announces Epoch | 4K Neutron Support for AVID Media Composer 8 and Fluid DNxHD ingeSTore

Latest Drivers Provide Features and Functionality for Compatibility with AVID Media Composer Version 8


Bluefish444, manufacturer of the industry’s highest-quality uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI video cards, announced Epoch 4K Neutron and Epoch Neutron video card support for AVID Media Composer 8 and Bluefish444’s own Fluid DNxHD ingeSTore complementary software.


Epoch 4K | Neutron

Bluefish444’s new installer package, 5.13.0, for Windows operating systems adds support for the Epoch Neutron range of SDI and HDMI video cards for use with AVID Media Composer systems. Epoch Neutron cards are fitted with 3x industry standard BNC connectors enabling two simultaneous streams of 2K/HD/SD including video fill+key operations. Each SDI connector is programmable as input or output.

Epoch | Neutron supports 1.5G SDI I/O workflows and the Epoch | 4K Neutron extends this support to 3G SDI I/O configurations. An HDMI mini connector provides a lower cost 4K/2K/HD/SD HDMI monitoring preview, and allows for color critical monitoring on consumer HDMI displays supporting Deep Color.


AVID Media Composer 8 Supported Features:

  • RGB & YUV Sequences
  • Draft Quality / 8-bit / 10-bit Sequences
  • SDI / HDMI preview ○ RGB & YUV colour space
  •  SD / HD Digital Cut ○ RGB & YUV colour space
  • SD / HD Capture ○ RGB & YUV colour space
  • RS422 Machine Control
  • Audio Punch In


Fluid DNxHD ingeSTore

Bluefish444 adds efficiencies to any AVID system by providing complementary multi-channel capture software which can be used while simultaneously editing and outputting from Avid Media Composer software. A maximum of four SDI signals can be captured in real time to uncompressed file formats using Fluid ingeSTore, or to Avid DNxHD CODEC when using Fluid DNxHD ingeSTore.

The 5.13.0 update adds Epoch Neutron and Epoch 4K Neutron compatibility to the complimentary Fluid application ingeSTore, and DNxHD ingeSTore, available to download from

“Bluefish444 is excited to bring the extremely powerful, cost effective Epoch | 4K Neutron cards to the supported list for our AVID customers,”

“Epoch | 4K Neutron is the most versatile card we have released to date able to be installed into any PCIe capable chassis thanks to its Low Profile, Half Length form factor. Bluefish444 is committed to providing the latest Avid Open IO functionality to ensure our customers are never missing features."
Tom Lithgow, Product Specialist, Bluefish444

Windows Installer 5.13.0 is available for free from the Bluefish444 home page and brings a complete SDI IO solution to Avid Media Composer and adds Bluefish444’s complimentary Fluid ingeSTore application support.



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