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IP was a hot topic at this year’s NAB 2018. With a background for working on legal compliance logging applications requiring reliability and flexibility, Mediaproxy has quickly become a trusted logging and monitoring platform for customers around the world.


“Software based broadcast and IP monitoring, analysis and compliance. ALL in one place”

At this year’s NAB Mediaproxy showed the following enhancements:

  • Exception based monitoring, featuring interactive penalty
  • Live Source Comparison, including real-time identification of mismatched content
  • Compliance logging for SMPTE 2110 and NDI, media over IP sources
  • Publish clips to social media, with the new HTML5 version of LogPlayer
  • Support for logging radio, including AM, FM, and DAB+


“Trusted platform for regulatory compliance”


Mediaproxy’s robust and versatile platform has evolved over time to provide the user with an extensive set of features. These meet the demands of executive engineers today.

Compliant to local regulations and by providing applications across various departments Mediaproxy’s solutions offer the most reliable tools available.

More info on the mediaproxy website HERE


“Unify Monitoring”


With the increased pressure to deliver broadcast content across various linear and on demand platforms, a versatile monitoring solution to maintain a high level of quality of service and experience is required.  

Uniting access to all broadcast sources via their next generation IP application Mediaproxy seamlessy provides an advanced set of monitoring tools.


Software-based IP Multiviewer

Monwall is a unique hybrid multi-panel live streaming application that provides powerful solutions for monitoring of live streams from broadcast and OTT sources. Panels can be configured to display proxy and native MPEG channels including associated meta data. Custom layouts can easily be configured to suit different arrangements that can be viewed via a standard client PC.

More info on the Mediaproxy website HERE

Real-Time Broadcast Analysis

Identifying on-air incidents has become more critical than ever.

Provideing a comprehensive suite of software-based analysis applications, Mediaproxy can help you attend to on-air issues quickly and resolve them efficiently. Employing the latest user interface technologies, complex analysis tasks are made easy and seamless, including your mobile devices.

More info on the Mediaproxy website HERE






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