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Manufactures of innovative recording systems for use in all video production environments, Cinedeck have quickly established themselves in the industry as a company who challenges our day to day workflows. Why spend a day/days on a job when you can perform tasks within minutes?

With additions / updates to their already highly praised existing software and live demos, the Cinedeck stand was one not to be missed at NAB 2018.


cineX-API is the next evolution in cineX technology, helping you to achieve a ‘No Transcode’ automated delivery workflow with batch processing.

Typically re-encoding and QCing thirty episodes would mean a week’s worth of work and with real-life time schedules this is far from ideal. cineX-API is here to ease your workflow and relieve the stress…by combining your MAM with cineX-API the process can be totally automated, complete the job in just minutes, with a push of a button.

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Workflow Example: cineX-API

More info on the Cinedeck website HERE


Closed Caption Module


It was the debut for ‘Closed Caption Module’ this year at NAB 2018, a true file-based insert editing tool with the unique ability to edit existing captions without re-encoding. 


A complete captions workflow from NLE export to final delivery”


Spotted a spelling mistake within a particular frame? No need to worry and no need to re-wrap your files. Through ‘closed caption module’ the application can write the corrected source file content directly into the target file.

Because the actual insert is happening between files, using the simple to use UI updates / changes happen much faster then in real-time.


User Story HERE

Interplay Check-In and Edit While Capture

Cinedeck have strengthened there Avid Interplay Check-In with the addition of growing file support.

If you are interested in upgrading your ingest solutions for use within an Interplay environment, Cinedeck could be an ideal solution for you.


Post NAB News_Cinedeck_Avid Interplay Check In & Edit While Record_Workflow Diagram

Workflow Example: AVID







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